Marine Jet Drives and Waterjets

Posted on August 13, 2021 John Symond

A marine jet drive, or waterjet, is an installation often found on high-performance watercraft that allows for high amounts of propulsion to be generated. Through the pumping of large amounts of water through a closed duct, forward thrust may be generated for movement. This operation is assisted with components such as the impeller and nozzle, both of which ensure proper water direction and power creation. In this blog, we will discuss the waterjet, allowing you to better understand their use for certain marine vessels.

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What Is a Jet Drive Boat and Is It The Same as a Stern Drive?

Posted on December 12, 2019 James Smith

If you’re a novice with boating, but are interested in delving deeper into the field, it’s important to learn certain basics of how different boats use different mechanisms to function. A good place to start would be with smaller water jet driven boats. If you’ve ever surveyed a lakeside, you might have seen the jet driven boat at work. Look closely enough and you can see that water is being driven out from the jet placed behind the boat. This is basically how the boat is able to propel itself forward. You can find a basic and helpful description of this marine jet drive part below.

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