What Is a Jet Drive Boat and Is It The Same as a Stern Drive?

If you’re a novice with boating, but are interested in delving deeper into the field, it’s important to learn certain basics of how different boats use different mechanisms to function. A good place to start would be with smaller water jet driven boats. If you’ve ever surveyed a lakeside, you might have seen the jet driven boat at work. Look closely enough and you can see that water is being driven out from the jet placed behind the boat. This is basically how the boat is able to propel itself forward. You can find a basic and helpful description of this marine jet drive part below.

The waterjet is a mechanism that can create a propulsive thrust when water is forced in a rearward direction. The mechanism works in relation to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. The discharge of a high velocity jet stream generates a reaction force in the opposite direction, which is transferred through the body of the jet unit to the craft’s hull, propelling it forward. Put in simpler terms, in the same way that a pistol has a recoil every time it fires a bullet, the jet experiences a forward thrust when it pushes water backwards. A deeper look into the mechanism will show you that water enters the jet unit intake on the bottom of the boat and is accelerated through the jet unit and discharged through the transom at a high velocity.

Jet drive boats have many benefits to them as opposed to stern driven boats because they are often more efficient with a steering effect that provides 360° thrusting ability for docking, and in addition, offers the flexibility to work with multiple different water jets. On top of that, jet driven boats are often smoother, quieter, and require much less maintenance than other drive shaft parts. For more information on water jet engines, rudder parts and other boating details, contact the team at Buy NSN. 

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