Resistors are common electrical components found in circuitry, serving to implement electrical resistance. Resistors can play multiple roles within a circuit, commonly acting to reduce current flow, divide voltages, manage signal levels, bias active elements, terminate transmission lines, and much more. As a longstanding technology, a number of variations have come about to accommodate particular application requirements or needs. Wirewound, foil, and semiconductor resistors are three common types, each of which have their own unique construction and capabilities that benefit varying needs. In this blog, we will discuss each type, allowing you to best understand their design and applications.

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There are few things more frustrating than dealing with a tangled mess of cables. Not only are they difficult to untangle, but tangled cables can easily get unplugged in data centers, homes, offices, and so on. In this blog, we will look at five cable management tips to help you avoid such frustrations.

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There are six basic flight instruments in nearly every aircraft. These include the airspeed indicator, altimeter, attitude indicator, heading indicator, turn coordinator, and the vertical speed indicator. Each of them plays an important role in flight and instantaneously provides the pilot with key flight information. This blog will focus on the vertical speed indicator, including what it is and how it works.

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