What Is a Hybrid Circuit?

What are the differences between a typical circuit and a hybrid circuit? While electricity may seem readily available when provided through a battery or outlet, to allow any source of electricity to travel and supply various devices with power, a network of conductive pathways must be established. Among standard circuits, these pathways allow electricity to traverse across electrical connections, but the amount of electrical potential measured in volts may vary depending on the battery or utility grid connection in use. As an electrical current is predisposed to flow from a higher voltage to a lower voltage, a circuit must be built to withstand the amount of electricity that is expected to flow through the network.

Regarding circuitry made for rapidly shrinking computer products and instruments, hybrid circuits can feature numerous electronic components which can be assembled and applied onto a printed circuit board (PCB), minimizing space and promoting increased computing power. To better understand the differences between a typical circuit and a hybrid circuit, we will discuss the purpose of hybrid circuits and how they are made, allowing you to better understand the fundamental application of these parts.

Commonly referred to as hybrid integrated circuits, HIC, hybrid microcircuits, or simply “hybrid,” hybrid circuit devices were commonplace during the late 1950s and continued to be highly employed until advancements in technology provided additional complex solutions following 1968. Originally designed by Jack Kilby, the prototype for Kilby’s miniature hybrid circuit later received improvements by co-founder Robert Noyce, where an alternation was made to add a thin layer of metal across Kilby's initial microchip design. This change further connected various components on the circuit, and promoted the exchange of electrical signals along an integrated pathway.

Differing in comparison to standard circuits by their construction and manufacturing processes, hybrid circuits are capable of utilizing a myriad of electronic components within a single package. This gives hybrid circuits an advantage over incompatible items which cannot be combined within a monolithic integrated circuit ( i.e., crystals, inductors, wound components, large value capacitors, and more). Constructed of individual devices, the makeup of a hybrid circuit ranges from various semiconductor components like transistors and diodes to passive devices like resistors, inductors, transformers, and capacitors, all the while being bound to a substrate or PCB for implementation. After assembly is complete, the hybrid circuit must then be hermetically sealed onto its substrate with epoxy or plastic.

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