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Accurate Screw Machine Electronic parts will help to make up the unparalleled inventory that we have here at Buy NSN. Stocking over 3 billion parts, Buy NSN is a leading distributor in the aerospace and defense industries. We filter our electronic manufacturer Accurate Screw Machine by their individual parts such as 1020H-A-.394-5, 1020H-SS.31212, 1020HSS12MMMOD1, 1030-H-A-.425-1, 1030H-SS-250-12 allowing clients to easily find the exact part they are in need of. For any Accurate Screw Machine parts you can’t find, our team of dedicated account managers are standing by to help you source it. No matter how hard a part is to locate, our comprehensive supply chain network will get the job done. To see how we are changing the aerospace part purchasing experience, submit an RFQ today.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
1020H-A-.394-5 NA Avl RFQ
1020H-SS.31212 accurate screw 1020h-ss-.312-12 Avl RFQ
1020HSS12MMMOD1 asm 1020-hss-12mmmod1-12 Avl RFQ
1030-H-A-.425-1 accurate screw 1030-h-a-.425-1 Avl RFQ
1030H-SS-250-12 accurate screw 1030-h-ss-.250-12 Avl RFQ
111460N1 asm 111460n1 Avl RFQ
14002H-SS.156 NA Avl RFQ
14004RSS25012SD accurate screw 14004-r-ss-.250-12-sdsmod Avl RFQ
14010-H-S.16035 asm 14010-h-s-.160-35 m/f stoff 4-40 x Avl RFQ
14010-H-SS-.625 asm #14010-h-ss-.625-1 Avl RFQ
14010HSS-187-12 accurate screw 14010-h-ss.187-12 Avl RFQ
14010HSS-256-12 accurate screw 14010-h-ss.256-12 Avl RFQ
14010HSS-296-12 accurate screw 14010hss-.296-12 Avl RFQ
14010HSS0313-12 accurate 14010-h-ss-0.313-12 Avl RFQ
14010HSS45212SL asm 14010-hss-452-12sld Avl RFQ
14010HSS60012SL asm 14010-hss-.600-12sld Avl RFQ
14010R-A-500-3 accurate screw 14010r-a-500-3 Avl RFQ
14015R-SS.50012 accurate screw 14015r-ss.500-12 Avl RFQ
14030H-S.375-6A accurate screw 14030h-s.375-6a Avl RFQ
14030HA.500MODB 14030-h-a-.500 (b=6-32) Avl RFQ
14030HS.3131 14030-h-s.31-31m3 thread Avl RFQ
14030HSS.280-12 accurate 14030hss.280-12 Avl RFQ
14030HSS26512 asm 14030-hss-.265-12(b= 4-40 x .203) Avl RFQ
14040-H-S-.750 accurate screw 14040-h-s-.750 Avl RFQ
14040HA1.500-15 asm 14040h-a-1.500-15 Avl RFQ
14040HSS-420-12 asm 14040hss-.420-12 Avl RFQ
14040HSS.75012 14040-h-ss-.750-12 Avl RFQ
14050H-SS-36312 accurate screw 14050h-ss-363-12 Avl RFQ
148-.032-T1 asm 148-.032-t1 Avl RFQ
15594030.035SS2 accurate screw 15594-.030-.035-ss-12 Avl RFQ
15626.125.375SS 15626-.125-.375-ss-1 Avl RFQ
15660.13.10PHL 15660-.13-.10-phl Avl RFQ
16696-6SS11 accurate screw 16696-6ss11 Avl RFQ
16732-5.000-A-1 asm 16732-5.00-a-1 Avl RFQ
17058-SS-12 accurate screw 17058-ss-12 Avl RFQ
17421-N-1 asm 17421-n-1 Avl RFQ
1818-16S-PP-31B accurate screw 1818-16s-pp-31b Avl RFQ
20046-HSS.375-1 accurate screw 20046-h-ss-.375-1 Avl RFQ
2010R-A.084-22 asm 2010r-a.084-22 Avl RFQ
2010R-N.278 accurate screw 2010r-n.278 Avl RFQ
2010R-PH-.125-1 NA Avl RFQ
34-020-N-2 accurate screw machine Avl RFQ
3406H-.187-N-1 accurate screw 3406h-.187-n-1 Avl RFQ
4020R-A.250-22 accurate screw 4020r-a.250-22 Avl RFQ
4020R-S-.125-31 accurate sc mach #4020r-s-.125-31 Avl RFQ
4030-R-SS-.194 accurate screw 4030-r-ss-.194 Avl RFQ
404-.250-SS-12A asm 404-.250-ss-12a Avl RFQ
4040HSS.750-12 asm 4040 h-ss .750-12 Avl RFQ
4040HSS1.125-12 asm 4040 h-ss 1.125-12 Avl RFQ
406-020-SS-1 asm 406-020-ss-1 Avl RFQ
416-.156-D-3 asm 416-.156-d-3 Avl RFQ
479-010-T-1 asm 479-010-t-1 Avl RFQ
47A-045-SS-1 accurate screw 47a-045-ss-1 Avl RFQ
503SS.50CR12 accurate screw 503ss.50cr12 Avl RFQ
503SS1.50CR12 accurate screw 503ss1.50cr12 Avl RFQ
503SS1.75CR12 accurate screw 503ss1.75cr12 Avl RFQ
53-093-N-1 accurate screw 53-093-n-1 Avl RFQ
550031-SS-12-A accurate screw 550031-ss-12-a Avl RFQ
55008-S-11 accurate screw machine 55008-s-11 Avl RFQ
580-0305-19 NA Avl RFQ
67568-SS-12 accurate screw mach 67568-ss-12 Avl RFQ
67570-SS-12 accurate screw machin 67570-ss-12 Avl RFQ
67642-SS-12 accurate screw 67642-ss-12 Avl RFQ
67672-SS-12 accurate screw machine 67672-ss-12 Avl RFQ
67682-SS-12A asm 67682-ss-12a Avl RFQ
8071R-A.380-23 accurate screw 8071r-a.380-23 Avl RFQ
8122-3.0632A5 accurate screw machine 8122-3.0632a5 Avl RFQ
86B-.045-S-38 asm 86b-.045-s-38 Avl RFQ
903068-B-9 accurate screw 903068-b-9 Avl RFQ
903197S32 accurate screw 903197s32 Avl RFQ
99160SS accurate screw 99160ss Avl RFQ
99162SS-12 accurate screw 99162ss-12 Avl RFQ
99164SS-12 accurate screw 99164ss-12 Avl RFQ
MEX-5SS accurate screw mex-5ss Avl RFQ
U41076RA.105-22 accurate screw mach u41076-r-a-.105-22 Avl RFQ
W114056-SS-1 asm w114056-ss-1 Avl RFQ
X63396 accurate screw machine x63396 Avl RFQ
X63913-8-32 accurate screw 63913-8-32 8-32 x 1 1/8 Avl RFQ
X64276 x64276 Avl RFQ
X66040 asm x66040 socket button hd Avl RFQ

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