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Part No Description QTY RFQ
150-S14821 barbed connector Avl RFQ
150-B-06504 transom housing seal kit Avl RFQ
150-H-02484 c-bowl Avl RFQ
150-S13531 steering tube bushing Avl RFQ
150-B06230 steering tube kit Avl RFQ
152-104 4 degree aluminum nozzle wedge Avl RFQ
150-S14380 suction piece seal Avl RFQ
150-S-08950 stainless steel bowl end cap Avl RFQ
150-B-06224 12jg / jc kit pump gasket and o-ring kit Avl RFQ
150-L-05021 a cut impeller stainless steel Avl RFQ
150-S26618 cotter pin, 1/8" x 1/2" Avl RFQ
150-L-06010 c cut impeller stainless steel Avl RFQ
620-103120 fastener kit for "ss" & "xs" loader scoops Avl RFQ
150-S32399 slotted nut Avl RFQ
150-B-07338JI 12ji pump w/manual place diverter, transom assembly not included (with exchange) Avl RFQ
150-S23088 5/16" lock washer Avl RFQ
150-S19193 rubber grommet Avl RFQ
151-25126 hydraulic fine tune nozzle place diverter kit Avl RFQ
150-S15410 terminal for: morse steering - no longer available Avl RFQ
150-S18299 reverse link Avl RFQ
950-758999 complete jet pump repair tool kit Avl RFQ
150-S10907 rod end Avl RFQ
150-L05050 reverse bucket - 12jf Avl RFQ
150-S13965 steering adapter tube - rideguide & teleflex Avl RFQ
150-S23665 tiller set screw (5/16"-18 x 3/4" long sq. hd. set screw) Avl RFQ
150-L-6002 performance tuned impeller, aluminum Avl RFQ
150-L-06007 b cut impeller stainless steel Avl RFQ
150-S13731 bowl seal o-ring Avl RFQ
150-S23539 nozzle housing cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S23590 3/8"-24 hex head cap screw 1-1/2" long Avl RFQ
150-S25599 fastener screw Avl RFQ
150-S24474 round head machine screw 10-32 x 7/8" lg. Avl RFQ
150-L-05662 a-3 cut aluminum impeller Avl RFQ
151-25115 hydraulic place diverter kit berkeley 12jc, jg, jb Avl RFQ
150-B-07337JIWT 12ji pump w/manual place diverter, transom assembly Avl RFQ
150-S25672 1/4"-20nc x 2" lg. f.h. machine screw Avl RFQ
151-1026 key, cavitation reducer - stainless steel Avl RFQ
150-S16413 short spacer bushing Avl RFQ
150-S15414 nyliner bearing bm-6592 Avl RFQ
150-S24425 no. s32 x 1" lg. machine screw Avl RFQ
150-L04405 nozzle Avl RFQ
150-S19336 motor coupling Avl RFQ
150-M05840 cav. plate bracket Avl RFQ
150-B-06218 partial overhaul kit b Avl RFQ
150-S27426 1/4-20 x 3/8" lg. set screw Avl RFQ
150-B-06219 seals and gaskets kit c Avl RFQ
150-S16238 drain flu b-07572 Avl RFQ
150-S25996 3/8"-24 socket head cap screw 2" long Avl RFQ
150-S15880 .030 undersized stainless steel wear ring Avl RFQ
150-S23544 5/16"-18 x 1-1/2" lg. hh c/s cap screw Avl RFQ
150-S15413 reverse cable adjusting nut (bm-6592) Avl RFQ
150-S14485 bowl repair sleeve Avl RFQ
150-S16344 reverse swivel pin Avl RFQ
150-S19184 indicator gauge Avl RFQ
150-S16255 reverse cable sealhousing Avl RFQ
151-1027 spacer, cavitation reducer - stainless Avl RFQ
950-758900 jet impeller nut socket Avl RFQ
150-S19160 1/4" x 11-3/8" lg. stud Avl RFQ
150-B06229 12jg gasket kit Avl RFQ
150-S23479 hex nut Avl RFQ
150-L-05664 a2 cut impeller stainless steel Avl RFQ
150-S-19195 1/4-20 shoulder screw Avl RFQ
150-L-05020 a3 cut impeller stainless steel Avl RFQ
150-S32400 slotted nut Avl RFQ
150-S14063 thrust bearing Avl RFQ
150-S16254 reverse cable seal bearing Avl RFQ
150-S18379 shoulder bolt, 1/2" Avl RFQ
150-5020 deluxe hose kit for water pressure relief kit Avl RFQ
150-S16139 15" steering tube Avl RFQ
150-S14483 bowl bearings Avl RFQ
150-H-02155 berkeley intake assembly Avl RFQ
151-25127 hydraulic fine tune nozzle place diverter kit - berkeley e-pump Avl RFQ
150-S26431 3/8"-24 self-locking hex nut Avl RFQ
150-S13665 adapter - steermaster steering only Avl RFQ
150-S16273 steering adapter Avl RFQ
150-2003 factory rebuild b Avl RFQ
150-S16141 steering tube bearing Avl RFQ
150-S18428 nyliner bearing Avl RFQ
150-S08287 packing rings Avl RFQ
150-B-06578OEM new complete 12je pump with trim nozzle Avl RFQ
150-S15396 tiller shaft Avl RFQ
150-S15904 cooling water pipe retainer Avl RFQ
150-S24504 round head machine screw, 1/4"-20 x 1-1/4" long  Avl RFQ
150-S24472 rd. hd. machine screw Avl RFQ
152-113 3 degree plastic nozzle wedge Avl RFQ
150-B-07558 transom assembly bolt kit Avl RFQ
151-25120 hydraulic place diverter kit for berkeley e pump Avl RFQ
152-IMB stainless impellers for berkeley jet pumps Avl RFQ
150-B07335JI 12ji pump w/hydraulic place diverter, transom assembly not included Avl RFQ
150-S14482 impeller key Avl RFQ
150-B-06227 bowl bearing kit Avl RFQ
150-B-06217 master overhaul kit a Avl RFQ
150-S16759 limit switch Avl RFQ
150-2010 droop snoot kit Avl RFQ
150-S18621 shaft with pulling tap, 3/4" 0.d. x 1-9/16" long Avl RFQ
150-M5928 intake grate retainer Avl RFQ
150-S28272 washer, plain, 7/8" sae Avl RFQ
150-S16192 guide swivel Avl RFQ
150-S16350 clevis pin Avl RFQ
150-S23680 5/16 hand hole nuts Avl RFQ

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