The Function of Cycle Gas Turbines

The majority of simple, open-cycle gas turbines feature a compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine unit. Air is compressed inside the compressor, fuel is added to the combustion chamber, and then the hot gasses expand inside the turbine. Two pressures are considered in a pressure ratio, and because the compressor and turbine are attached to a common shaft, some of the work created by the turbine is lost due to running the compressor. For the betterment of your knowledge, open cycle gas turbines are detailed in the following article.

            Open cycle gas turbines are combustion turbines that are powered by liquid fuel which triggers a rotor generator to create electricity. Any heat left over is exhausted into the atmosphere at around 5500 degrees, and these turbines are positioned in noise reduction enclosures which take up an area of about 75 m by 75 m per unit. Standing 30 m tall is the exhaust stack, and the intake structure is 20 m tall. Open cycle gas turbines draw in fresh air from the atmosphere and compress that air through centrifugal or axial flow compressors. Inside the compressor, the air is compressed through a series of stages, and this air mixes with fuel after it is injected into the combustion chamber. These highly pressurized, hot gasses drive the turbine, and once the fuel and air mixture ignites, velocity gas is created, which passes through the turbine blades to turn the shaft connected to the rotor portion of the generator. This can power many industrial devices and can be used to generate electricity.

            These turbine emissions are released into the atmosphere rather than being recirculated, so it is considered an open cycle. The majority of the power used by the turbine goes into generating electricity, while some of the power is used to drive the compressor along with other pieces of equipment. The working principle of an open cycle gas turbine plant is that the compressor receives fresh air, the gasses of the turbine are exhausted into the atmosphere, and the working medium is always being replaced. Open cycle gas turbine plants have become a major power source for power grids across the globe, despite their high cost and relative inefficiency.

            Simple open-cycle gas turbines are utilized in a variety of small and medium industrial applications, and they feature either a single-shaft design or a twin-shaft design in which the compressor and driving turbine are on one shaft and the turbine power is located on the output drive shaft. Though both types may be used, they have different power control characteristics; single-shaft types are lighter, more compact, and more efficient, whereas double-shaft types are more robust. Open-cycle gas turbines are commonly used in aviation, as they provide the motor the power needed for jet propulsion. These turbines feature a variety of benefits, including the fact that they can accelerate to a full load without any time spent warming up, in addition to their low weight and compact size.

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November 13, 2018

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