What is The Life Expectancy of the Marine Engine

When acquiring new marine engine parts for your vessel, you first have to consider what you most want from the new parts. Some may prefer the power or efficiency, but for many consumers, they are looking for life expectancy. Regardless of whatever type of marine engine that you acquire, the life expectancy is largely dependent on the adverse conditions that surround the engine. If the engine is well maintained, the part can run at great capacity within  1000 hours without any major issues. Some of the more advanced versions even have the capacity to run on up to 1500 miles. 

On average, it is after the 1500 mile mark that marine engines tend to meet more major maintenance and overhaul issues. The issues may not begin as something major, but if left alone, they can form into larger and more costly repair problems. However, if the engine has faced many conditions under salt, air, and damp bliges, or else have faced severe neglect, then that mile mark is cut significantly short. Outside of the topic of different marine engine brands, the takeaway is that great care and maintenance done to your engine can make your parts last much longer.

Of course, there are some engines outright that have longer tolerance and durability outright. Diesel engines, for example, are designed to be more durable than the average gasoline engine. They tend to endure more than 8000 hours of work if decently maintained. Although diesels can add considerable cost to a boat, they should be seriously considered because of their durability, economy of operation and safety concerns. Diesel fuel has a much higher flash point than gasoline and does not present the same threat of explosion that gasoline fumes carry.

Overall the life expectancy of your marine engine depends on various factors, but among the most significant is how well you maintain it.

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