The Importance of Ground Support Equipment for Maintenance and Repair

For aircraft to remain safe and airworthy for flight, they must be regularly maintained, repaired, and generally cared for on a regular basis. Whether an aircraft is simply being turned over for its next flight or is being repaired, maintenance personnel and other staff generally rely on the use of ground support equipment (GSE) to get the job done. In order for ground support equipment to be reliable in of itself, it too must be regularly inspected and maintained as to avoid costly or disastrous outcomes. In this blog, we will discuss some examples of ground support equipment maintenance and repair, ensuring that you can bolster the reliability and service lives of your investments by understanding its importance.

To guarantee the health of any particular type of ground support equipment, one should follow a reliable mechanical maintenance program. Generally, these programs will cover things such as visual inspections, correct usage, how often to conduct servicing, how to properly document maintenance records, and more. By adhering to such programs, one can save themselves precious time and resources while also upholding safety.

Towbars are a very common piece of GSE, typically used for the movement of the aircraft while its engines are shut off. As towbars must be able to securely pull the weight of an entire aircraft, they must be without any loose bolts, broken shear pins, or other missing or damaged components that may lead to an accident. Before each use, the towbar should be visually inspected with all results recorded in a log for safekeeping. If anything is damaged or missing, the towbar will need to be serviced before it can safely be operated.

Aircraft jacks are another commonly used type of GSE, and they serve for the lifting of structures so that personnel can repair and replace tires, maintain the fuselage, work on landing gear, and much more. There are three common types of jacks, and it is important that one follows the correct maintenance program for their particular jack. Generally, parts such as the pump and locknuts must be periodically checked and replaced as necessary for reliability. Additionally, fluid levels, welded joints, and the ability for the jackal to fully run up and down should all be checked prior to using such equipment.

Beyond tugs and jacks, other common forms of GSE include chocks, ground power units, refuelers, lavatory trucks, baggage carts, and much more. For a typical operation to be carried out without issue, it is critical that all GSE equipment is working properly and can safely be relied on. While a grounded aircraft can already be detrimental to schedules and finances, faulty GSE can easily make the situation worse as there is an increased chance of causing damage or other serious issues. As such, ground support equipment repair and servicing should be carried out on a regular basis. If you have GSE that you need to service and are in search of a reputable distributor for sourcing parts, look no further than Buy NSN.

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