Guide To Purchasing Hydraulic Motors and Pumps

Hydraulic systems find use in many vehicles and machinery alike, harnessing fluids under pressure to create the power necessary for actuation and operations. When designing a hydraulic system for the first time, one of the most important questions is what motor or pump is best for achieving optimal performance. This is an essential consideration to make as motors and pumps act as key components for basic hydraulic system operations. The two work in tandem as well, so it is highly recommended to follow a basic selection process, that of which we will discuss in this blog.

When it comes time to begin consideration, you will first want to focus on what motor is best for your needs. This is because the motor will greatly affect the overall design and performance of a hydraulic system. Generally, the decision will hinge upon the load requirements of your system. There are many hydraulic motor types on the market, and most fall into two categories of actuation: bidirectional and unidirectional actuation.

Additionally, there are a variety of performance indicators to keep in mind regarding the system. For example, operating torque is important to keep in mind, and it is the amount of twisting action and force that the motor can provide a system. Similarly, operating pressure is also crucial as it determines the amount of pressure fluids are put under as they are fed to the motor. Fluid pressure is important as it directly affects the torque and power of the motor. Alongside such factors, other things to consider include operating temperatures, operating speeds, power, and displacement. As all determine how effective the motor will be in a particular setting, ample care should be taken when making such decisions.

Once you have figured out what type of motor is best fit for your needs, it is then time to consider between pumps. At this point, you should have a general idea of the rating of your motor, meaning that you will know what power output is necessary for the pump. To ensure an optimal fit, make sure to choose a hydraulic pump which has similar ratings to the motor that you choose. Additionally, having a motor pump unit with 20% more power available than is necessary can bolster safety and reliability. Similar to motors, pumps also widely vary in their capabilities.

Beyond compatibility with the selected motor, the pump that you choose should have the right hydraulic fluid viscosity, flow rate, maximum operating pressure, and displacement that are necessary for operations. Hydraulic fluid viscosity simply refers to how thick the fluid being pressurized by the pump is, ensuring that there is enough kinematic viscosity to uphold efficiency. For flow rate, you are simply considering how much fluid the pump should be able to move. Similarly, the maximum operating pressure will just determine how much pressure the pump can handle. When it comes to displacement, one will have to choose between fixed and variable types, the difference coming down to whether or not there will be any changes of flow rate or outlet pressure during operations. If there is, a variable displacement type is best.

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