These are Types of Valves Used on Ships

One of the most important valves used on a ship is the gate valve. Gate valves are typically made out of cast iron, cast carbon steel, ductile iron, gunmetal, stainless steel, alloy steels, and forged steels. Main gate valve parts include the spindle wheel, spindle rod, bonnet, valve disc, and bore or body. The opening of a gate valve will allow for only a full flow of liquid in one direction. There are valves that offer more functionality in the amount of liquid permitted to pass and in what direction, but for a simple and reliable open and close ship valve, the gate valve is perfect.

The spindle wheel is used to turn the spindle rod which in turn opens the gate in one of two ways depending on the type of stem installed. A Rising Stem Type which has a threaded stem that when operated, the stem rises above the actuator and the valve attached to the stem, opens. And a Non Rising Stem Type in which the stem valve itself is internally threaded and connected to the stem, so as to open and close without raising the stem above the actuator.

Important things to watch out for when owning and operating a gate valve is signs of leakage. The metal surfaces that come in contact with the flow of fluids can undergo wear and tear leading to leaking of the valve. Gland packing is used in the gate valve to stop such leakage around the spindle but this too can get damaged over time and should be regularly checked and reapplied periodically.  

Gate valves are suitable for most fluid transfer and can also be used with pipelines carrying steam, oil, air, and gas. Three main gaskets are used to ensure an airtight lock and a gate valve’s simple design makes it ideal when shopping in the market for a valve with a long life cycle.

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