Stainless Steel, Self-Aligning Linear Ball Bearings

Posted on July 30, 2018 John Symond

LM76 has manufactured stainless steel and self-aligning linear ball bearings. These bearings feature a lubrication fitting, along with an alignment set screw in both the pillow and flange blocks. The linear ball bearings have undergone modifications by utilizing an alignment that is flat ground on the outer shell of the bearing as well as driving in a hole through the outside shell. Lubricants may be pumped directly into a linear ball bearing without requiring the removal of the bearing from the shaft.

Both the pillow and flange blocks support the encapsulated ETX Scraper Seal, which prevents contamination from working its way inside the bearing and withholds the lubricant inside the bearing. The new design of the pillow blocks is available in closed single and double bearing models. These are for 0.5 inches and can go up to 2-inch shafts. The flange blocks are available in both single and double bearing models for shafts that range from half an inch to 1.25 inches. These are available in untreated aluminum or with an FDA compliant corrosion resistant electroless nickel coating.

LM76 is a leader in the manufacturing of self-lubricating linear bearings. These bearings can be used for automation, food process, packaging machinery, exercise, medical equipment and more. LM76 guarantees that their self-lubricating linear bearings exceed the needs and expectations of any rival bearing. Their stainless linear ball bearings provide minimal friction and functions with the corrosion-resistant operation. These bearings are equipped with a stainless, high-temperature retainer, and a resin container, which minimalizes noise and weight at a lower cost.

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