Oddity Between Two Bearings Companies AB SKF and The Timken

When looking into bearings two companies tend to come to mind, AB SKF as well as Timken. This article with compare and contrast the varying products offered by these two companies to decide who you should ultimately buy from.

When you put these two companies up against one another you can see that AB SKF is making more than double what The Timken is making and has a net income of a couple hundred million dollars. When you compare these numbers, you can see that AB SKF is actually operating at lower price meaning their products are ultimately more affordable in the long run. Lets break down the companies from the beginning, starting with SKF’s USA branch.

AB SKF USA has locations all across the country, one hundred and forty to be exact, and has been operating for decades on end. They have been operating in multiple disciplinaries like aerospace, transport, paper, food and so many more. This means that they can use information that they pick up from other industries and apply it across the board, making them an overall very well-rounded company.

When you look to the opposite side, at The Timken Company, you can see a company started by a headstrong man that put his heart into making the world move a little bit more smoothly. They are most widely known for their tapered roller bearing that they are still manufacturing to this day. They are a global leader and have offices all over the world so that they can easily assist anyone who may need their help.

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