Safran Goes Eco-Friendly on Construction of New Hybrid Helicopter Engine

Scheduled to be released in the year 2020 Safran’s new innovative engine is introduced to the market. Currently working on perfecting the smooth transition also known as “hybridisation” to be able to bring the industry a more refined efficient aircraft engine.

Safran has chosen Airbus’, Aneto-1x to be the launch of their newly introduced “Eco Mode.” Primary composed to be integrated into the Racer high speed demonstrator aircraft, that will be revolutionary for the industry. Originally Introduced in 2017 during the Paris Air Show, the aircraft has many traits to differentiate it from many of its kind. Equipped with a twin-engine compound rotorcraft, it offers extreme efficiency and along with enhanced precision. The racer has the ability to transport civilians, performs search and rescue along with emergency medical service. Safran Helicopter Engine’s Vice President, Bruno Bellanger reassures that their innovative model has been structed to be the unique.

"Today, as you know, engines are designed to be very efficient for high-power usage – specifically for take-off and emergency mode," he says.

"By combining electrical and thermal power we will be in a position to optimise the system and turbine to deliver some very impressive fuel savings."

One of Safran’s constant battles has been to be able to find a way to be able to include “transitory assistance” to its turboshafts. Despite the difficult task they have also been able to integrate the energy into the standard fuel turboshaft. This unique form of composition will allow to the system to by powered by the energy during an idle stage of flight. This will also be made possible by the “third strand of hybridisation. The modern technique is destined to be a huge success in the market as it offers a new source of light eVTOL aircraft technology that will allow for the aircraft to travel forward on pure energy.

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