All You Wanted To Know About Gate Valves

One of the most common, yet crucial, components in the construction of a vessel are its valves. They serve a wide array of functions ranging from regulating the flow of liquids to assisting in the operation of hydraulic lifts. However, one type of valve seems to appear more frequently than others, and that is the gate valve.

A gate valve has two variations: a rising stem and a non-rising stem. Rising stem gate valves are typically made from cast or forged steel. Its modus operandi is simplistic in that the round handle rotates a threaded shaft which is attached to its centerfold. The stem will rise as it opens the valve followed by a descent as it closes the valve. One can spot if the valve is opened or closed by observing the amount of stem that appears. A flush stem correlates to a closed valve while an exposed stem means it’s open.

The non-rising gate valve is intended to function in tight spaces, abandoning the rising stem mechanism of its counterpart. This module utilizes a rotating wheel, or handle, that turns either left or right corresponding to its opened and closed positions. When the handle is turned towards the left the valve is opened. When it’s turned towards the right it reflects a closed position. In both cases the handle is flush with the pipe as the operating processes inside are able to open and close the valve without the need to raise the stem.

Wear and tear comes naturally to these valves as they are designed to function against the current.  Proper maintenance and monitoring of these valves is critical in preserving their longevity and avoiding unnecessary leaks or malfunctions. In essence, a proactive approach proves beneficial in the long run.

A key concept to remember is that these valves are designed to be either fully closed or fully opened. An issue can arise if the measurements on the valves aren’t adequate, which will result in a change in the consistent flow of fluid.

Although these two valves are common components, they contribute a major part in the successful completion of a vessel.

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