Ww Board Level Electronic Components List

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
1231330 stk 6pin w.w socket Avl RFQ
19370063K NA Avl RFQ
2275911-24190 NA Avl RFQ
370-0630-041 NA Avl RFQ
37006300410 NA Avl RFQ
387328WW5395 NA Avl RFQ
521415GP2 1 5 NA Avl RFQ
521416GP2 10 5 NA Avl RFQ
5238175W62^5 NA Avl RFQ
531199WW1A 1 OHM 5 NA Avl RFQ
53700630041 NA Avl RFQ
54R159-1 1w,5%,.15 ohm Avl RFQ
54R308 res# bw20 3 5% Avl RFQ
55R129-1 bwh-2w-5%-.12 ohm Avl RFQ
55R209-1 res 2w 5% .2 ohm sph 3400 10-.20 Avl RFQ
55R278-1 sph 2.7 5% 2w Avl RFQ
55R300 rcl# t2b-79-30d Avl RFQ
55R399-1 res# 2w 5% .39 ohm Avl RFQ
55R478-1 sph 2w 5% 4.7 ohm Avl RFQ
55R758 rsf2b-7.5 ohm-5% Avl RFQ
56R158 NA Avl RFQ
56R187 NA Avl RFQ
56R189 NA Avl RFQ
56R209 3w,5%,.2 ohm Avl RFQ
56R59 3w,10%,.05 ohm Avl RFQ
57R102 colber# cw-5 1k ohm 5% 5w Avl RFQ
57R102-1 NA Avl RFQ
57R109-1 res# 5w 10% .1 ohm Avl RFQ
57R123 5w,5%,12k ohm Avl RFQ
57R1250 5w,5%,125 ohm Avl RFQ
57R151 5w,5%,150 ohm Avl RFQ
57R181 5w 10% 180 ohm Avl RFQ
57R200 5w,5%,20 ohm Avl RFQ
57R200-3 res wirwound type 160 20 ohm 5w 5% Avl RFQ
57R220 5w,5%,22 ohm Avl RFQ
57R220-1 7w,5%,22 ohm Avl RFQ
57R221 resistor rsf3b 5w,5%,220 ohm Avl RFQ
57R221-1 NA Avl RFQ
57R241 res. ww 240 ohm 10% pw5 t ype hamilton hall Avl RFQ
57R253 rw74-5%-5w-25k Avl RFQ
57R300 cp5-30-5% Avl RFQ
57R339 cp5-5%-.33 ohm Avl RFQ
57R350-1 res. 7watt 35 ohm 10% pw7 type hamilton hall Avl RFQ
57R401 5w,5%,400 ohm Avl RFQ
57R409 5w,5%,.04 ohm Avl RFQ
57R501 5w,5%,500 ohm Avl RFQ
57R503 dale# rs5-1%-50k Avl RFQ
57R509 5w,5%,.5 ohm Avl RFQ
57R561 5w,5%,560 ohm Avl RFQ
57R561-1 5w,10%,560 Avl RFQ
57R680 5w,5%,68 ohm Avl RFQ
57R752 rsf3b-5%-7.5k Avl RFQ
57R820 res# 5w 5% 82 ohm Avl RFQ
57R822 5w,5%,8.2k ohm Avl RFQ
58R108 10w,5%,1 ohm Avl RFQ
58R151 cp10-5%-150 ohm Avl RFQ
58R153 10w,5%,15k ohm Avl RFQ
58R208 colber# cw10-2-5% Avl RFQ
58R222 NA Avl RFQ
58R222-1 10w,10%,2.2k ohm Avl RFQ
58R308 res# 10w 5% 3 ohm Avl RFQ
58R451 10w 10% 450 ohm Avl RFQ
58R502 NA Avl RFQ
58R59 10w,5%,.05 ohm Avl RFQ
58R59-1 10w,10%,.05 ohm Avl RFQ
58R758 NA Avl RFQ
59R100 res# 15w 5% 10 ohm Avl RFQ
59R100-2 res# 20w 10 10% Avl RFQ
59R103 ohmite# l25j10k Avl RFQ
59R201 15w.5%,200 ohm Avl RFQ
59R222 15w,5%,2.2k ohm Avl RFQ
59R508 15w,5%,5 ohm Avl RFQ
M168784-BEA-9 NA Avl RFQ
M2275911-24196 NA Avl RFQ
RSF1A105 rsf1a105% Avl RFQ

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