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Aviation parts of Tusonix are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 0831-403-C0H0-759D, 0538-011D9.0-35, 8121-B227 C0G 420G, 4710BPC DIP-18, 8121-B138 X7R 222M lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying Terminal Blocks or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No RFQ
0831-403-C0H0-759D RFQ
0538-011D9.0-35 RFQ
8121-B227 C0G 420G RFQ
4710BPC DIP-18 RFQ
8121-B138 X7R 222M RFQ
tus528-000-e-4.5-15 RFQ
7606-602NLF RFQ
518-000-A 5-30 RFQ
835583COG0270K RFQ
5835-000Y5U0103Z RFQ
4201-014 RFQ
831082Z5D0151J RFQ
8141A112Z5UO333M RFQ
4600-000 LF RFQ
5910-00-761-1217 RFQ
0841-082-y5p0-103m RFQ
5910-01-039-3059 RFQ
4206-006 RFQ
0331051P2K0209C RFQ
518-033-A-1.5 RFQ
2404-000-X5UO-102P RFQ
538-091 D 9.0-35 RFQ
8121-A100-C0G0-101-K RFQ
2404-000-X5U0-102P RFQ
7604-501 RFQ
835027P2G180J RFQ
0301651COHO150G RFQ
0828548X5T0102K RFQ
301-000-COG0-180J RFQ
2079-12026-00 RFQ
T5-15A RFQ
4700-003LF RFQ
538-002D-3-15 RFQ
8111-100-COG120G RFQ
8101A101C0H0759C RFQ
518-000A5-35 RFQ
0301-080-C0G0-330J RFQ
8101-A050-COG-609C RFQ
1202-076 RFQ
T7604506 RFQ
0838-553-U2J0-709-J RFQ
538011B2511 RFQ
CV31D350 RFQ
4205-005 RFQ
865-001-N150-5R1D RFQ
301000C0J0-399C RFQ
TUS4701001X RFQ
301-651-C0H0100D RFQ
7603-551NLF RFQ
5910-00-983-6866 RFQ
4200-005 RFQ
00-728-2194 RFQ
831082Z5D0470J RFQ
538-002A9-35281-0092-00 RFQ
0538-083F 15-60TRIM RFQ
4205-002 RFQ
835-010-U2K-209C RFQ
831800Y5E681J RFQ
5910-00-763-4299 RFQ
7608-602LF RFQ
301-094-C0H0-519C RFQ
831082Z5D0120J RFQ
8121T102C0G073 RFQ
831Z5F221K RFQ
4209-003LF RFQ
538-038 A 2-8PF RFQ
0538011A208 RFQ
CV11D450 RFQ
7604-501LF RFQ
SM-A-731237-1 RFQ
5910-00-027-0157 RFQ
7603-001-S RFQ
CD560-100JU2 RFQ
8101100-COKO-189C RFQ
518000A2.59 RFQ
4202-000 RFQ
5910-00-403-8872 RFQ
138C612H32 RFQ
7606-501NLF RFQ
831082Z5D0390J RFQ
2404-014-X5U0-102P RFQ
4400-033 RFQ
8151-A050-M3MO-912J RFQ
301-080-C0J0-229C RFQ
8121-B227 C0G 330G RFQ
5910-00-681-6603 RFQ
4600-050 RFQ
40040-05 RFQ
301-094-C0H0-629C RFQ
2432-006-X500 RFQ
CV35A250 RFQ
538-037A5.5-18A RFQ
8121-A100-U2J0-630J RFQ
4203012 RFQ
7603-602LF RFQ
7603-501LF RFQ
138C612H26 RFQ
RP622M100 RFQ
831082C0G0100J RFQ
538-093A RFQ
1500PF 4205-001 RFQ
538-054A2-0-8 RFQ
7603-001 RFQ
53886-1 RFQ
2499-016-X5R0-152M RFQ
5910-00-808-6744 RFQ
301-000-NP00-249C RFQ
8111-B170-R3A0101K RFQ
0538-006A 2-8PF RFQ
138C614H24 RFQ
4700-008 TR RFQ
2079-12124-00 RFQ
301 089 COH0 629C RFQ
138C612H25 RFQ
4204051 RFQ
TU8121A100X7R0 RFQ
0538-011D3.0-15 RFQ
CV11A070 RFQ
420DD-12B RFQ
7604-602NLF RFQ
7608-602NLF RFQ
301-651-T2H0-270G RFQ
0538-011A5.5-18 RFQ
4400-074 RFQ
0538-014D9.0-35 RFQ
538-0115.5-18A RFQ
7603-602NLF RFQ
0831403c0g0300j RFQ
0835044Y5D0471J RFQ
0538-073B2.511 RFQ
0538-006D9.0-35 RFQ
2079-12063-00 RFQ
0301-00COGO-150-J RFQ
538-002A9-35 281-00 RFQ
4201-060 RFQ
301-000-R3A0-100D RFQ
0538-083F 15-60TRIMMER 1 RFQ
CV31D150 RFQ
2079-1212200 RFQ
538-073-A-2-8 RFQ
CV31B250 RFQ
518029A3.5-20 RFQ
538011D9.35 RFQ
19F2301 RFQ
4302681 RFQ
8111-B20X C0G 100G RFQ
538-054 RFQ
0838-000-Y5F0-150j RFQ
8121 B179 X7ro 102k RFQ
1223-012 RFQ
7602-551NLF RFQ
4201-050 RFQ
538-073-D-9-35 RFQ
4400-048 RFQ
518-016 RFQ
301-611R2G0-150G RFQ
538-001-A-5.5-18 RFQ
538-006A2-8 RFQ
5910-00-822-5683 RFQ
0831402c0g0180j RFQ
357001X5U0102M RFQ
4400-092 RFQ
301 089 COG0 240J RFQ
8121-A100-X7R0-332K RFQ
0538-001 RFQ
4202-004 RFQ
538-006A5-5-18PF RFQ
845X5V203Z200V RFQ
4207-001 RFQ
7608-501LF RFQ
7605-501LF RFQ
M1573361-0008 RFQ
4202-053 RFQ
835-008-X5F0-102M RFQ
4206-001 LF RFQ
2404-610-X7R0-471M RFQ
4400-094LF RFQ
03031-0214-0005 RFQ
4201-006 RFQ
538-006A2-8PF RFQ
4151-003 RFQ
4400-095 RFQ
0538-006F15.0-60 RFQ
4700003 RFQ
855-579-X550-332M RFQ
1500PF 4201-001 RFQ
0538-011A2.0-8 RFQ
301 089 COG0 220J RFQ
4209-053 RFQ
4400-095LF RFQ
8111A100COG200K RFQ
0838-000-Y5F0-101K RFQ
815-573-Z5U0-203M RFQ
4400-091 RFQ
301-011-S3BO-209C RFQ
7604-602LF RFQ
4400-000 RFQ
301651C0H0509C RFQ
8111A100COGO270F RFQ
5910-00-333-9969 RFQ
11750802 RFQ
4201-001 RFQ
847-017-Z5U-403Z RFQ
7602-501LF RFQ
538-006F15-60 RFQ
538-091-A-5.5-18 RFQ
19F2093 RFQ
518-000G-7-40 RFQ
0301-086-C0K0-758-C RFQ
4400-030 RFQ
538-011-D-9-35 RFQ
8101-a100-5yd0-2413 RFQ
7604-000 RFQ
4201031 RFQ
4203-053 RFQ
7603-000 RFQ
0518-000A3.5-20 RFQ
8111-100-COGO-T50F RFQ
7606-602LF RFQ
8121-A100-COG0-560K RFQ
538-011B-7-25BTRIMMER 7 RFQ
8101-100C0H0569C RFQ
2499003X5W0101M RFQ
518-000-A5R0-.25 RFQ
0528002A13 RFQ
7604-551NLF RFQ
4403-052 RFQ
2079-12022-00 RFQ
4201-022 RFQ
8111A100P3K0470K RFQ
4400-073 RFQ
4201079 RFQ
CV35A090 RFQ
4201-053 RFQ
8111-A050-COGO-390J RFQ
538-093 D 9.0-35 RFQ
865-001-N750-100J RFQ
518-033-A-1.06 RFQ
CV32A180 RFQ
0851-086-C0G0-390J RFQ
5910-00-247-8943 RFQ
4202-004 ONE SET RFQ
1014101-03 RFQ
5910-00-853-8653 RFQ
848-040-X5U0-103M RFQ
2079-12021-00 RFQ
4302000 RFQ
M1573362-0001 RFQ
538-011-09-35 RFQ
5910-00-441-7749 RFQ
2499-533-X5F0-152Z RFQ
301 089 COG0 130J RFQ
4202031 RFQ
0538-037A2-8 RFQ
538-011-A-6-25 RFQ
4202-051 RFQ
CV31B110 RFQ
10216-0126 REV CB RFQ
8121-B227 C0G 100D RFQ
7602-501 RFQ
538-011-F-15-60 RFQ
831082Z5D0301J RFQ
4201-000 RFQ
4401-000 RFQ
CD360X1000J RFQ
5910-00-899-7882 RFQ
00-983-5388 RFQ
824-231-X5W0-104Z RFQ
5910-00-943-9339 RFQ
CV32E600 RFQ
CV31A080 RFQ
538-011B-7-25BTrimm RFQ
301 089 COH0 829C RFQ
7603-551LF RFQ
M1573361-0011 RFQ
7602-551LF RFQ
0518033A1.06 RFQ
538CV32B110-011B RFQ
5910-00-244-7530 RFQ
4400040 RFQ
7608-501NLF RFQ
5910-00-682-0660 RFQ
5910-00-824-8679 RFQ
5910-00-728-2194 RFQ
8111-B133-U1GO-240J RFQ
538002A2-8 RFQ
8121-B227 C0H 479D RFQ
301 089 COH0 519C RFQ
7602502 RFQ
M1573361-0010 RFQ
8111-A100-C0G0-220J RFQ
301 089 COH0 569C RFQ
5915-01-095-7698 RFQ
4203-050 RFQ
5910-00-838-0869 RFQ
2079-12126-00 RFQ
301651U2K0109C RFQ
0538011A3.010 RFQ
5910-00-754-7115 RFQ
4151-012 RFQ
7602-602NLF RFQ
7606-551NLF RFQ
301 089 COG0 200J RFQ
503000F11-0-110 RFQ
7604-551LF RFQ
0811-040-X5U0-682K RFQ
M1573343-0002 RFQ
M000D00272 RFQ
0538-011F15.0-60 RFQ
8111-A100-COG0-270K RFQ
7602-602LF RFQ
CV31A180 RFQ
538-002F-15-60 RFQ
8101A100Y5F0820J RFQ
7605-551LF RFQ
855-589-N150-390G RFQ
538-098-A-5.5-18 RFQ
538-006-D-9-35 RFQ
7604-501NLF RFQ
0831-086-X5F0-331K RFQ
301-000-COK0-109C RFQ
4400-071 RFQ
538-011C3-10 RFQ
538011A2-8 RFQ
7606-501LF RFQ
M39014180324 RFQ
0841000Z5U0 153M RFQ
4151-000 RFQ
301-651-COHO-7GF RFQ
8111-A100-COG0-470K RFQ
538-054D-9.0-35 RFQ
CV32A080 RFQ
8111-100C0G0-510G RFQ
4201-051 RFQ
2079-12058-00 RFQ
0518016A5025 RFQ
4700-008 LF TR RFQ
5615-000-Y5F0-24Z RFQ
2432-037-YSVO-222M RFQ
4206-001 RFQ
4206-025 RFQ
4700-056 RFQ
4201090 RFQ
0831-403 RFQ
0327029X7T0102Z RFQ
8121-B227 C0H 689D RFQ
1214-133 RFQ
CD502X2000M RFQ
5910-00-776-4185 RFQ
7602-501NLF RFQ
5910-00-126-1613 RFQ
301 089 COH0 919C RFQ
5910-00-1762575 RFQ
7302-002 RFQ
5910-00-857-2123 RFQ
0518000A525 RFQ
5910-00-726-2448 RFQ
7309-000 RFQ
538-016 A 5.5-18 RFQ
301-651-COHO-509D RFQ
00-682-0660 RFQ
835-200V-X5F 1000PF 10 RFQ
4600-009 RFQ
5181-2241-00 RFQ
M1573361-0014 RFQ
8121-B227 C0H 919B RFQ
538-026B 2.5-11 RFQ
808-548 X5E 102K RFQ
340-151581-002 RFQ
5835-501-Y5U0-203Z RFQ
5910-00-402-0992 RFQ
8111A108X7R0102K RFQ
301651C0H0180G RFQ
M3901418-0328 RFQ
4205001 RFQ
301-000-COG0-240J RFQ
302-000-C0G0-360G RFQ
8121-B227 X7R 470M RFQ
4400-034 RFQ
8121-A100-Y5FO-102J RFQ
518-000A5-9 RFQ
0538-073-D.0-35 RFQ
4202-050 RFQ
8101-A100-C0H0-569D RFQ
831082Z5D0200J RFQ
582R102H09 RFQ
301 089 COK0 209C RFQ
T5-25A RFQ
538011F15060 RFQ
2404-000-X5UO RFQ
7603-501NLF RFQ
4403-035 RFQ
518029A2.5-9 RFQ
0538006F15.0 RFQ
5910-00-883-2097 RFQ
0838553X500 102K RFQ
538-011-A-5.5-18 RFQ
5715000X5F104M RFQ
0818-602-Z5U0-103P RFQ
4302004 RFQ
0518-002-A-3.5-20 RFQ
518000 RFQ
5910-00-727-9333 RFQ
865-001-N150-4R7C RFQ
7310025 RFQ
8111-100-COGO-220J RFQ
5910-00-648-7860 RFQ
2079-12199-00 RFQ
538-002A5.5-18 RFQ
4205 037 RFQ
538-00B 7-25 RFQ
808-542 X5E 102K RFQ
0818617CDGO250K RFQ
CV31D250 RFQ
4200000 RFQ
7605-602LF RFQ
0831-403-C0J0-249C RFQ
460-2976-01-03-00 RFQ
538-091 A 2-8 RFQ
M3901418-0327 RFQ
8151-A050-H3MO-912J RFQ
0327010X5U0 RFQ
831082Z5D0680J RFQ
8121-B123-U1G0-430J RFQ
4208 001 RFQ
831082Z5D0471J RFQ
8121-B227 C0G 470J RFQ
538-093A-5.5-18 RFQ
538-038 A 5.5-18PF RFQ
7606-551LF RFQ
4700008 RFQ
518-012A5-35PF RFQ
0518A2.59 RFQ
0835599U2J0100J RFQ
518-000-A5-25 RFQ
0818400Y5U0103M RFQ
2404-000-X5U0 RFQ
7313-005 RFQ
1022893 RFQ
M1573362-0002 RFQ
7603004 RFQ
2499-043-XW0502Z RFQ
5910-00-109-1987 RFQ
4700-006 RFQ
0518-002 RFQ
T7603001 RFQ
M1573328-0001 RFQ
831082Z5D0300J RFQ
518-000A5-20 RFQ
8121-B227 C0G 360G RFQ
4401-020 RFQ
518-000A3.5-20 RFQ
2312447-1 RFQ
5910-00-806-8260 RFQ
848003U2J0101K RFQ
4209-003 RFQ
4700005 RFQ
0538073f15.060 RFQ
0538-011B7.0-25 RFQ
538-002-D-9-35 RFQ
538006A2.8 RFQ
5910-00-912-8981 RFQ
0805-024-X5R0-821K RFQ
8111-A100-COG0-390K RFQ
0855024R3A0301J RFQ
4400-032 RFQ
0518-000A5.0-25 RFQ
2430-008-X5F0-102M RFQ
0835000P2G0180G RFQ
5910-00-983-5388 RFQ
T-11-110F RFQ
518-000-5-30A RFQ
CV11A250 RFQ
0538-002A 2-8PF RFQ
TUS4400-089 RFQ

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