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Aviation parts of Keka are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 1206SL7R0C2NT, 0805B683M250NT, 0603B331K500NT, 0805NPO181J500BT, 0603N220J500NT lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No RFQ
0805B683M250NT RFQ
0603B331K500NT RFQ
0805NPO181J500BT RFQ
0603N220J500NT RFQ
0805N331K500NT RFQ
3B562M RFQ
0603X7R104K500NT RFQ
1206N5R6D500NT RFQ
1206CG150J500NT RFQ
0805N181K201NT RFQ
0603B152K500NT RFQ
0603N220J500BD RFQ
3B221M RFQ
0805B683M500NT RFQ
0805N330J500NT RFQ
0805N161J500NT RFQ
3B102M RFQ
0603F104M160NT RFQ
3F104Z250 RFQ
1206N470K500NT RFQ
3B823K RFQ
3N390K RFQ
0603F223F2500NT RFQ
0805N121M500NT RFQ
1825B474K101NT RFQ
0603N8R2C500N RFQ
0805N400J500NT RFQ
0603N2R2B101 RFQ
3N330K RFQ
0805CG911J500NT RFQ
1210B563K20NT RFQ
0603B122K500NT RFQ
1206N820K101NT RFQ
0603N681K500NT RFQ
0805N390K500NT RFQ
1206N600J500NT RFQ
5B104M RFQ
0603N1R8B500N RFQ
06035A3R3C500NT RFQ
0805CG150J500NT RFQ
0805B473K500NT RFQ
0603NPO100Z3K RFQ
0603NPO181K500NT RFQ
0603N100K500NT-1 RFQ
3N100K RFQ
0805Z153Z500NT RFQ
0805N820K500NT RFQ
5N390K RFQ
0603N300J500NT RFQ
0805N821K500NT RFQ
AISM-1812-680K-T RFQ
0603N101J500NT RFQ
0805B123K500NT RFQ
0805B121K500NT RFQ
0603N330K500NT RFQ
0805B273K500NT RFQ
0603F104Z250NT RFQ
1206N330J501NT RFQ
0603B104K160N RFQ
0805N132J500NT RFQ
0805N181M500NT RFQ
1206F683Z500NT RFQ
0805 683K RFQ
1206N821K500NT RFQ
1206CG101J500NT RFQ
0805CG1R2C500NT RFQ
1206N330K102NT RFQ
1008AM2-R18J-01 RFQ
1812B154K500NT RFQ
0805N561K500NT RFQ
B0603F224ZNT RFQ
0805N820K101NT RFQ
3N560K RFQ
0805B103K500NT RFQ
0603CG221J500NT RFQ
0603F104M250NT RFQ
1206N820K500NT RFQ
0805B473J500BD RFQ
0603N910J500NT RFQ
1206B473M500NT RFQ
1206N270K101NT RFQ
5B102M RFQ
0805CG750J500NT RFQ
0603F105Z100NT RFQ
0603B103K500BT RFQ
0603N1R0C500N RFQ
0603N140J500NT RFQ
1206CG150K201NT RFQ
0603N390K101NT RFQ
0805N5R6C500NT RFQ
1210-822K-T RFQ
0805N122J500NT RFQ
1206N330M500NT RFQ
0805N500K500NT RFQ
0805B102K101NT RFQ
0603COG580J RFQ
0603B471K500N RFQ
1206F224M500NT RFQ
0805B821M500NT RFQ
1206Z683Z500NT RFQ
0805N6R8D500NT RFQ
0603N100J500NT RFQ
1206Z124M500NT RFQ
0805N181K500NT RFQ
6N470Z3K RFQ
0603CG560J500NT RFQ
3B152M RFQ
0603F104Z160NT RFQ
0603B103K500N RFQ
0805M142M500NT RFQ
1206X224K250NT RFQ
0805N102K500NT RFQ
0603X103K500NT RFQ
08052R104K9AF00 RFQ
1206N221J501NT RFQ
0603N100K500NT RFQ
0603N330J500N RFQ
0805N561M500NT RFQ
0603F473Z500NT RFQ
0805Y393M500NT RFQ
0603N101T500NT RFQ
1210B563K201NT RFQ
0603N331J500NT RFQ
0805N560K500NT RFQ
1206F104Z500NT RFQ
0603B102K500NT RFQ
0805CG151J500NT RFQ
0603N360J500NT RFQ
0805F334Z500NT RFQ
0603N2R2C500NT RFQ
1206B472K500NT RFQ
0603Y104M500NT RFQ
0603N5R0D500NT RFQ
0603N1R7A500NT RFQ
0603B104K160NT RFQ
0603N230J500NT RFQ
0603N0R39C500NT RFQ
0603N271J500NT RFQ
3N100Z RFQ
1206Z154M500NT RFQ
0603CG180J500NT RFQ
0603N2R2C500N RFQ
0603N102M500NT RFQ
0805B104M500NT RFQ
1206B222K500NT RFQ
0603N4R7C500N RFQ
0603CG750J500NT RFQ
0603N331J500N RFQ
0603B511K500NT RFQ
0603N200J500NT RFQ
5N550K RFQ
1206N121J500NT RFQ
0805N180J500NT RFQ
3N140J RFQ
0805B224K250NT RFQ
3B273K500NT RFQ
C 47UF 20 10V RFQ
1206Z334M500NT RFQ
1206B333K500NT RFQ
0603N330J500NT RFQ
3N101K RFQ
0603B681K500NT RFQ
0603N1R8B500NT RFQ
0805N430J500NT RFQ
3N102K RFQ
0603B271J500NT RFQ
0603N9R0D500NT RFQ
0603B102K500N RFQ
0603B683M500NT RFQ
0805CG220J500NT RFQ
1206F334K500NT RFQ
0603B271K500NT RFQ
5F105Z160NT RFQ
0603N150J500NT RFQ
0805N550K500NT RFQ
0603X7R222M RFQ
0603N0R7C500N RFQ
1206B333M500NT RFQ
3N910J RFQ
08055A560JAT2A RFQ
0805N560M500NT RFQ
0805N470M500NT RFQ
0603N2R7C500N RFQ
A0805X7R331K RFQ
0603B471K500NT RFQ
0805N271J500NT RFQ
0805B501M500NT RFQ
1206B183K500NT RFQ
0805B104K250NT RFQ
0603N4R7C500NT RFQ
1206B104K500NT RFQ
0805F105M160CT RFQ
1206Z473M500NT RFQ
1206CG9R1C500NT RFQ
1206X7R471K500NT RFQ
0805G5R6C500CT RFQ
0805CG360J500NT RFQ
0603CG5R0C500NT RFQ
0805B153K500NT RFQ
1206CG270J500NT RFQ
1206CG4R3C500NT RFQ
120NB5 RFQ
1008AS-2R7J RFQ
0603N470Z500NT RFQ
0805N620J500NT RFQ
3N500K RFQ
0603B562K500NT RFQ
0805B273M500NT RFQ
1548-R68J RFQ
A0805X7R331F RFQ
0603N3R9C500NT RFQ
0603F104M500NT RFQ
0805B621K500NT RFQ
0603B104K500NT RFQ
1206B822K500NT RFQ
0603CG500J500NT RFQ
1206B102K102CC RFQ
0603N101K500BD RFQ
0805B473K160NT RFQ
0805N250J500NT RFQ
5C223M RFQ
0603CG820J500NT RFQ
0805A2-018M-00 RFQ
1206B102K500NT RFQ
A1206C471KNT RFQ
0805G4R7C500CT RFQ
0805G7R0C500CT RFQ
0603N151J500NT RFQ
1206B223M500BD RFQ
0805F273Z500NT RFQ
0805B561M500NT RFQ
1206F224Z500NTH RFQ
0805N151J500NT RFQ
0805N140J500NT RFQ
0805Z393Z500NT RFQ
0603B222K500NT RFQ
0603B210K500NT RFQ
0603N821K500NT RFQ
3N821K RFQ
0603CG390J500NT RFQ
5N331K RFQ
0805N102J500N RFQ
0805B683Z500NT RFQ
0603N1R8B101NT RFQ
2225B474K201NT RFQ
0805B823K500NT RFQ
1206B821K500NT RFQ
0603CG100D500NT RFQ
3N470Z RFQ
0603B103K500NT RFQ
3N681J RFQ
1206N680K500NT RFQ
0805CG510J500NT RFQ
0402CG471J100NT RFQ
0603B683K500NT RFQ
1210F334M500NT RFQ
5N821J500NT RFQ
1206NPO561J101NT RFQ
1206N222K500NT RFQ
1825B474K500NT RFQ
0603N220J500N RFQ
0603N221J500N RFQ
1206CG7R5C500NT RFQ
0805N470K500NT RFQ
1812B154K101NT RFQ
0603N680J500N RFQ
0805B821K500NT RFQ
0603N1R8B101 RFQ
0603B682K500NT RFQ
1008A-R82K RFQ
0805F104M500NT RFQ
3B104M RFQ
1206CG6R8C500NT RFQ
0805N121J500NT RFQ
0603N5R0C500NT RFQ
1210B472K501NT RFQ
0805Y5V104M500NT RFQ
0805N2R7C500NT RFQ
3B122K RFQ
0805B882K500NT RFQ
0805N221J500NT RFQ
4532 RFQ
1206B392K500NT RFQ
0805F103M500NT RFQ
0805F223M500NTL RFQ
1206N120K500NT RFQ
0603N1R8C500NT RFQ
0603N101J500N RFQ

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