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Aviation parts of Midwest Electric Mfg Corp Sub Of are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like SWE393, 3464-4, 23055724, SWE8200, 23055346 lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying WRENCH POWER, WRENCH COMPRESSOR EXTENSION SH, WRENCH ADAPTER, TORQUE MULTIPLIER, TOOL: WRENCH,5/16IN BX or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
SWE393 NA wrench power Avl RFQ
3464-4 NA wrench compressor extension sh Avl RFQ
23055724 NA wrench adapter Avl RFQ
SWE8200 NA torque multiplier Avl RFQ
23055346 NA tool: wrench,5/16in bx Avl RFQ
23058409 NA tool: puller,seal spacer Avl RFQ
23053699 NA tool: puller,mechanical Avl RFQ
23053698 NA tool: puller,mechanical Avl RFQ
23051221 NA tool: puller,hyd Avl RFQ
3718 NA tool: puller,bolt,split line Avl RFQ
23055344 NA tool: puller,bearing Avl RFQ
42520-167-202 NA tool seal puller Avl RFQ
23038040 NA support: wrench Avl RFQ
23051218 NA ss by 23063503 Avl RFQ
23055794 NA ss by 23054817 Avl RFQ
23053696 NA shaft plug puller Avl RFQ
23038034 NA separator turbine vane casing Avl RFQ
23054817 NA pusher Avl RFQ
23051243 NA puller: seal stationary abra Avl RFQ
23055732 NA puller: seal spacer pto rear Avl RFQ
23055731 NA puller: bearing pto shaft Avl RFQ
42520-513-213 NA puller Avl RFQ
23054811 NA puller Avl RFQ
42520-16-200 NA press, mating ring tool Avl RFQ
23051161 NA plug: pilot,5 bearing push Avl RFQ
23055332 NA plate: alignment check,frt sup Avl RFQ
23038032 NA mask; dry hone; 2nd stage seri Avl RFQ
23038031 NA mask; dry hone; 1st stage seri Avl RFQ
23037980 NA mask: spray Avl RFQ
23038053 NA mask: glass bead peen,stg4 Avl RFQ
23038052 NA mask: glass bead peen,stg3 Avl RFQ
23038051 NA mask: glass bead peen,stg2 Avl RFQ
23038050 NA mask: glass bead peen,stg1 Avl RFQ
23037988 NA mask: blast: compressor case Avl RFQ
23037981 NA mask: blast compressor vane as Avl RFQ
23055264 NA maintenance kit Avl RFQ
3436 NA lift: sling,turbine rotor Avl RFQ
23055299 NA lift: sling,engine Avl RFQ
23051232 NA jack: power turbine,aft,adjustable Avl RFQ
3732 NA holder: compressor shaft Avl RFQ
3464-5 NA holder compressor extension sh Avl RFQ
23055345 NA gauge: profile Avl RFQ
23055781 NA gauge: no go,turbine blade,stage 4 Avl RFQ
23055343 NA gauge: checking,bearing Avl RFQ
23051224 NA gage: prop brake facing bore d Avl RFQ
23051216 NA gage: check,safety coupling s Avl RFQ
23051158 NA gage thd: chk .002 sq to pd of Avl RFQ
23051225 NA fixture: vane,stg1 Avl RFQ
23037987 NA fixture: spray,compressor cas Avl RFQ
23055326 NA fixture: linkage,fuel control Avl RFQ
23051180 NA fixture: install,seal Avl RFQ
23055347 NA fixture: inspection,front com Avl RFQ
23037982 NA fixture: holding metal spray Avl RFQ
3738 NA fixture: holder,starter shaft Avl RFQ
3755 NA fixture: holder,compressor Avl RFQ
23051156 NA fixture: concentricity,compr Avl RFQ
3785 NA fixture: compressor rotor Avl RFQ
23051237 NA fixture: compressor case assy Avl RFQ
23037985 NA fixture: blast vane and band Avl RFQ
23037983 NA fixture: blast vane and band Avl RFQ
23037984 NA fixture: blast comp vane and ban Avl RFQ
6897501 NA fixture: bell,air inlet Avl RFQ
23055798 NA fixture: aligning,compressor Avl RFQ
23051160 NA fixture parting tool: case ass Avl RFQ
23051162 NA fixture holding: lathe: compre Avl RFQ
23051176 NA fixture assembly: spur adapter Avl RFQ
23051384 NA fixture Avl RFQ
23053577 NA engine stand Avl RFQ
23055341 NA drift: installation,8 ball b Avl RFQ
23055258 NA bracket: mounting,propeller gearbo Avl RFQ
23038047 NA bracket: accelerometer Avl RFQ
23051155 NA bell air inlet: compressor Avl RFQ
23038089 NA adapter: support,turbine wheel Avl RFQ
23038099 NA adapter: press, compressor rot Avl RFQ
23051228 NA adapter: mounting,horz Avl RFQ
23055811 NA adapter: hp indicator Avl RFQ
23055736 NA adapter: housing Avl RFQ
23055759 NA adapter: aft,engine,lifting Avl RFQ
23055758 NA adapter: aft,engine,handling Avl RFQ
23058468 NA adapter Avl RFQ

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