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Aviation parts of Inventec are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 6052A0005201, FSLM2520-221J, 6054B0038501, 6019A0257701, 6010074743CT lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No RFQ
6052A0005201 RFQ
FSLM2520-221J RFQ
6054B0038501 RFQ
6019A0257701 RFQ
6010074743CT RFQ
60100733220Z RFQ
1460B0003501 RFQ
60120IA18560 RFQ
601007A0018T RFQ
6017A0051501 RFQ
6010071053CT RFQ
6011A0011601 RFQ
6019A0126901 RFQ
141TPD490000 RFQ
146BYD498C00 RFQ
6019A0057301 RFQ
1460B0013501 RFQ
60150F04270T RFQ
6071B0000901 RFQ
6052A0026701 RFQ
146WLD450002 RFQ
60100710532S RFQ
6012A0084801 RFQ
6010A0036105 RFQ
60140EC0030T RFQ
6017A0051401 RFQ
60100768020T RFQ
013A0037801QF RFQ
6011A0009601 RFQ
6014B0005401 RFQ
6011A0020101 RFQ
6014A0032301 RFQ
1460B0006001 RFQ
6010A0047701 RFQ
6010071020AT RFQ
60150F04666T RFQ
6010A0037901 RFQ
60100715300Z RFQ
6010071012AT RFQ
6060A0255901 RFQ
6010B0000201 RFQ
60100710402T RFQ
6014A0035801 RFQ
6015A0001201 RFQ
1460A0000101 RFQ
6010A0000401 RFQ
6018A0013001 RFQ
6019A0003301 RFQ
6015A0052801 RFQ
60190H3413TT RFQ
60120IA12610 RFQ
6010A0053301 RFQ
60100756120T RFQ
6012A0080901 RFQ
60110GA0454T RFQ
6010A0041901 RFQ
60150F04651T RFQ
6015A0052001 RFQ
6010A0025101 RFQ
60190H3658ST RFQ
6052B0006901 RFQ
60100715412T RFQ
6010A0052401 RFQ
6012A0084601 RFQ
6018A0009301 RFQ
1460B0014601 RFQ
60140EA0331T RFQ
C040429-01-F RFQ
6012A0077101 RFQ
6012A0117601 RFQ
6014B0005501 RFQ
6012A0050201 RFQ
6012A0043601 RFQ
6026A0044901 RFQ
146MVD630000 RFQ
6014A0024501 RFQ
60140EA0319T RFQ
6019A0249901 RFQ
60150F02900T RFQ
60150F04745T RFQ
60190H1050ST RFQ
6018A0001401 RFQ
60100718200Z RFQ
6054B0022001 RFQ
60100710320Z RFQ
60100722200Z RFQ
6019A0119601 RFQ
6026A0021301 RFQ
6052A0027101 RFQ
6019A0220301 RFQ
60100MT2262Z RFQ
6019A0136401 RFQ
6026A0020801 RFQ
6011A0013401 RFQ
6010A0032901 RFQ
6010A0037201 RFQ
6026A0019801 RFQ
60150F04678T RFQ
6019A0104801 RFQ
6015A0058701 RFQ
6053A0187401 RFQ
6026B0000401 RFQ
60100710300Z RFQ
60100MT2267T RFQ
6014A0023301 RFQ
6019A0048301 RFQ
6017A0051601 RFQ
6015A0062001 RFQ
1210A0000101 RFQ
60540600000000000 RFQ
6010A0010101 RFQ
60190H5056ST RFQ
6019B0028601 RFQ
6010A0029301 RFQ
60100747302T RFQ
6012A0136001 RFQ
6010A0026101 RFQ
6010A0040702 RFQ
6027A0010901 RFQ
6014A0019801 RFQ
6010071031BT RFQ
6051B0013901 RFQ
6014A0004701 RFQ
60100722220Z RFQ
60100727020Z RFQ
1460B0013901 RFQ
6010B0009101 RFQ
1460B0006301 RFQ
60170IH09480 RFQ
6018A0011801 RFQ
6043A0012501 RFQ
6019A0171101 RFQ
C030827-F1 RFQ
14600D050001 RFQ
6070A0094201 RFQ
60110GA0598T RFQ
6010B0008701 RFQ
6052A0021901 RFQ
1290A0029001 RFQ
6019A0181801 RFQ
6015A0063601 RFQ
60110GA0118T RFQ
6010071063CT RFQ
6019A0090301 RFQ
60110GA0361T RFQ
60190H2943ST RFQ
6052A0013101 RFQ
6010A0051801 RFQ
6014A0033101 RFQ
60100M107180 RFQ
60150F03380T RFQ
60520D055001 RFQ
1460B06001 RFQ
6052A0035901 RFQ
984FB-470M RFQ
356205004 RFQ
1290A0033601 RFQ
60100710431Z RFQ
6070A0095401 RFQ
1510A0023101 RFQ
6010A0026201 RFQ
6010A0028901 RFQ
6012A0082501 RFQ
6011A0001101 RFQ
6012A0084301 RFQ
146TKD49AC40 RFQ
6010A0000701 RFQ
6014B0000601 RFQ
60190H3377Q0TRAY RFQ
6014A0039101 RFQ
T3901A31 RFQ
6019A0118201 RFQ
60120IA1962T RFQ
1460A0000101 390424-001 RFQ
60190H2376ST RFQ
60100715020Z RFQ
6019A0037701 RFQ
6010A0047601 RFQ
6011A0026801 RFQ
60190H3029T0TRAY RFQ
2SC4809 RFQ
6019A0151801 RFQ
6039A0007401 RFQ
6010A0047401 RFQ
6012A0080801 RFQ
146HDD630000 RFQ
6014A0020701 RFQ
1290A0033701 RFQ
6019A0037711 RFQ
87CS64F-3H17 RFQ
60190H3586TT RFQ
6010074702AT RFQ
60140EA0334T RFQ
60100727200T RFQ
60140EA0340T RFQ
6012A0079901 RFQ
6032A0002121 RFQ
6010A0025701 RFQ
60100722532T RFQ
6016B0000201 RFQ
6018A0011301 RFQ
6010A0035201 RFQ
60190H3392ST RFQ
60100747432T RFQ
60190H3086ST RFQ
6014A0029501 RFQ
60100733302T RFQ
60100710020Z RFQ
6043B0006501 RFQ
6043A0006201 RFQ
6010A0010601 RFQ
6019A0187101 RFQ
6010A0007701 RFQ
6012B0025601 RFQ
60100710220Z RFQ
6015A0002501 RFQ
60100722432Z RFQ
60150F04648T RFQ
6019A0204101 RFQ
60150F02600T RFQ
6019A0245401 RFQ
6054B0011001 RFQ
361949022 RFQ
1460B0010102 RFQ
6052A0003401 RFQ
6010A0033001 RFQ
60190H0789ST RFQ
6017B0001101 RFQ
6019A0167402 RFQ
6053A0166701 RFQ
6010A0051901 RFQ
6010A0043101 RFQ
1460B0003401 RFQ
6014A0013901 RFQ
6019A0060501 RFQ
6017B0000501 RFQ
6019A0196901 RFQ
60110GA0436T RFQ
6019B0108203 RFQ
60100710501T RFQ
6011A0026101 RFQ
6010A0029101 RFQ
6019A0134501 RFQ
6019B0025201 RFQ
601007A0012T RFQ
6018A0011501 RFQ
6019A0206001 RFQ
1290A0028901 RFQ
6050A0055001 RFQ
6019B0028801 RFQ
6010A0050701 RFQ
6019A0258301 RFQ
1510A0024201 RFQ
6015B0000201 RFQ
6012A0080701 RFQ
6039A0005001 RFQ
3SI087 0A RFQ
6011A0013501 RFQ
6054B0021901 RFQ
6054B0010901 RFQ
6026B0023401 RFQ
60190H02180T RFQ
6019A0153401 RFQ
1510A0022901 RFQ
60140EA0144T RFQ
6015A0005101 RFQ
6035A0007001 RFQ
60150F03190T RFQ
146HDD490000 RFQ
6032A0002101 RFQ
6014A0035301 RFQ
6010A0026701 RFQ
6010A0010701 RFQ
6010A0003401 RFQ
6010A0036103 RFQ
6017A0051701 RFQ
6052A0026901 RFQ
6052A0053801 RFQ
6054B0011101 RFQ
6015A0002901 RFQ
6010A0040201 RFQ
T883T885 RFQ
6012A0084701 RFQ
146LMD620000 RFQ
6010A0026801 RFQ
6070A0095001 RFQ
6017A0051801 RFQ
6015A0003401 RFQ
60110GA0362T RFQ
364224001 RFQ
6019A0194501 RFQ
6012A0085601 RFQ
60100715120T RFQ
60100768120Z RFQ
6011A0032101 RFQ
6010A0025301 RFQ
6010A0009801 RFQ
6010A0047501 RFQ
6019A0150401 RFQ
146DVD618X00 RFQ
60140EC0026T RFQ
6070A0094601 RFQ
60100710421T RFQ
60150F03290T RFQ
146HDD610000 RFQ
60100718100T RFQ
6070A0094301 RFQ
6052A0046401 RFQ
6014A0034301 RFQ
6010A0008601 RFQ
60140EA0063T RFQ
6052A0035101 RFQ
6043A0013901 RFQ
6019A0111901 RFQ
6026A0043701 RFQ
6010A0000101 RFQ
6010074750CT RFQ
6019A0186301 RFQ
6010071041BT RFQ
6043A0003701 RFQ
6011A0016001 RFQ
60190H2008ST RFQ

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