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Aviation parts of Huber are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 23 TNC50-0-2 133 NE, 21N-50-12-10, 23 BNC-50-0-4133NE, TMD5572-2, 22MCX-50-0-2111NH lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No RFQ
23 TNC50-0-2 133 NE RFQ
21N-50-12-10 RFQ
23 BNC-50-0-4133NE RFQ
TMD5572-2 RFQ
22MCX-50-0-2111NH RFQ
51DV-50-0-11009H RFQ
6603.00.AE RFQ
23030663 RFQ
24SMA50315 RFQ
24BMA-50-2-5 RFQ
16BNC-50-2-2133NE RFQ
71Z-0-7-21-33-E RFQ
66099-3 RFQ
24SMB502110133 RFQ
16BNC-50-2-3C199 RFQ
84016791 RFQ
85SMA-50-0-43 RFQ
11BNC-50-2-28133 RFQ
SK-1337 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-51199 RFQ
11MCX-50-1-13111 RFQ
9075.99.0041 RFQ
23026463 RFQ
24H4-50-4-1133 RFQ
24SMA-50-2-45133UH RFQ
22N-50-0-2 RFQ
21SMA-50-3-7C111 RFQ
62BNC-0-0-3-33-E RFQ
16716-50-7-9 RFQ
D-2-62-2424-4-1.5 RFQ
215889 RFQ
11BNC5034 RFQ
5501.17.0003 RFQ
11BNC-50-3-4133NE RFQ
24BNC50213C RFQ
23 SMA-50-0-276133N RFQ
22BNO-0-0-1133 RFQ
S07272 B-06 WITH STR RFQ
23027925 RFQ
22MMCX-50-0-1111 RFQ
11BNC-50-4-4133 RFQ
21N-50-7-14 RFQ
30H01SEO-09-7070-2 RFQ
21N-50-3-8133NE RFQ
21N-50-12-101003 RFQ
24N50312C1 RFQ
11BNC7521133NE RFQ
12SMA-50-0-40133 RFQ
11N-50-3-54133NE RFQ
SN211192 RFQ
24MMCX-50-1-2111NE RFQ
6701.01.A RFQ
48BNC-50-3-2133 RFQ
46SMA-50-0-1 RFQ
21MMCX-50-2-11 RFQ
22SMS-50-0-2111 RFQ
11BNC-75-4-16133 RFQ
21SMA-50-4-71199 RFQ
22SMC-50-0-2111 RFQ
126172 RFQ
85-MMCX-S50-0-51 RFQ
85MCX-50-0-17188UH RFQ
21TNC-50-2-2 RFQ
22SMB-50-0-11111 RFQ
11SMB-50-2-10C133 RFQ
24MCX-50-2-11133UH RFQ
46DV5005 RFQ
24BNC-75-2-1C133 RFQ
SN1495624 RFQ
30H01SEO-09-7070-2-5 RFQ
81 SMS-50-0-1111 RFQ
21SMB-50-1-10 RFQ
11MMBX-50-2-2111 RFQ
85QLA-01-0-2112NE RFQ
85 SMB-50-0-10111NE RFQ
85MMCXS50051119 RFQ
SN212982 RFQ
21N-50-3-5C133NE RFQ
24SMA-50-2-16111 RFQ
85QMA-50-0-3111 NH RFQ
23027927 RFQ
11N-50-4-55C133 RFQ
12SMS-50-0-1111 RFQ
21MMCX-50-1-2111 RFQ
126174 RFQ
6630.00.AE RFQ
21BNC-50-3-2 RFQ
22MCX-50-0-21H RFQ
24TNC-50-3-29133NE RFQ
90449201 RFQ
85SMA-50-0-44133 RFQ
48D15.400 RFQ
21N-50-7-13 RFQ
11BNC-75-7-5133NE RFQ
11N-50-5-39133 RFQ
71Z-0-3-161E RFQ
11MMCX-50-1-2111OE RFQ
6606-19AB RFQ
24N-50-3-10133NE RFQ
24H01SEO-09-8593-2-2 RFQ
24N-50-7-15 RFQ
23001717 RFQ
9070.17.0008 RFQ
5932-A1-24-2 RFQ
81 BMA-U50-0-13111-N RFQ
22N-50-0-3 RFQ
23027924 RFQ
85SMB-50-0-1111 RFQ
84005843 RFQ
8602501XA RFQ
ACC TO 1301-NTM202311R1F RFQ
23025526 RFQ
71Z-0-7-24 RFQ
21SMC-50-2-10 RFQ
85SMB-50-0-01111Q RFQ
24SMB-50-2-11111 RFQ
85TNC-50-0-X7654T-R RFQ
21SMA-50-1-2 RFQ
21TNC-50-2-2133 RFQ
11BNC-50-4-3133 RFQ
716-50-9-5003-E RFQ
22SMA-50-047133UH RFQ
23-N-50-0-16133NE RFQ
11MMCX-50-1-1111 RFQ
11MMCX-50-1-5111 RFQ
11HY-50-3-3133NE RFQ
11UHF-0-7-19022 RFQ
21SMB-50-2-10E RFQ
24TNC-50-3-30133NH RFQ
85MMCX50-0-1 RFQ
SN212972 RFQ
24BNC-50-4-1133 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-204111 RFQ
51DV50-0-9 RFQ
21SMA-50-2-70C199 RFQ
SN1520384 RFQ
71Z-50-2-4 RFQ
21H4-50-3-1133 RFQ
11SHV-50-7-1 RFQ
6603.00.BA RFQ
23025528 RFQ
24BNT-50-2-1103 RFQ
23-4195-50-0-13033E RFQ
3086399N01 RFQ
85 SMC-50-0-1HPNH RFQ
11MCX-75-2-1 RFQ
81 MMBX-S50-0-1111NM RFQ
11BNC-50-3-12 RFQ
11BNC-75-7-6133 RFQ
24TNC-50-2-31133NE RFQ
11MMCX-50-2-3111 RFQ
14BMA-50-3-3199 RFQ
84015993 RFQ
23010266 RFQ
126171 RFQ
08560-00133 RFQ
24N-50-5-39133 RFQ
22SMB-50-0-2 RFQ
86SMXAB3.579545MHZ RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-51119_OH RFQ
SN162052 RFQ
11SMB5016C111 RFQ
11C-50-7-15133 RFQ
16C-50-7-6133 RFQ
81-124 RFQ
85 SMB-50-0-1133 RFQ
24TNC-50-2-7133NE RFQ
24TNC-50-4-52133NE RFQ
11BNC-75-4-17C RFQ
11BNO-0-4-1C133 RFQ
85BNC-50-0-1133NE RFQ
5932E224029 RFQ
24TNC-50-4-71199 RFQ
11BNC-50-1-5133 RFQ
84024-5 RFQ
S02132-D RFQ
21SMC-50-2-4111 RFQ
21N-50-23-10 RFQ
87022993AE RFQ
22SMA-50-0-31E RFQ
22BNC-75-0-13E RFQ
11MCX-50-1-3111 RFQ
11N-50-12-13133NE RFQ
11N-75-7-18 RFQ
11TNC50-3-6133 RFQ
85MCX-50-0-16188 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-10111 RFQ
21MCX-50-1-10111 RFQ
24SMB-50-2-111133NH RFQ
22SMA-50-0-10 RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-51 RFQ
16BNC50-2-3C133 RFQ
SN1495674 RFQ
24SMC-50-2-10C111 RFQ
12SMS-50-0-1133NE RFQ
24MCX-50-1-10111 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-7111 RFQ
013328609 RFQ
85TNC-50-0-1133 RFQ
11MMBX-50-1-1111NE RFQ
85TNC-50-0-2035E RFQ
21TNC-50-3-4133 RFQ
6620.19.AB RFQ
11N-50-5-52 RFQ
24BMA-50-2-2111 RFQ
24BNC-50-1-6C RFQ
46DV-50-0-3039-Y1P2264 RFQ
24MCX-50-2-10111 RFQ
24N50-7-24133NE RFQ
23 N-50-0-146 133 NE RFQ
16BNC-50-1-2133 RFQ
85 SMC-50-0-5HPNH RFQ
85QLA0102110NH RFQ
85MMCX-S50-0-511190 RFQ
85MMCX-50-0-1111 RFQ
11N-50-7-56133 RFQ
46BNC-50-0-13E RFQ
SN1495654 RFQ
6610.00.AE RFQ
21SMA-50-2-60C199 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-45133 RFQ
22MMCX-50-0-11 RFQ
SN1495584 RFQ
21N-50-3-5 RFQ
67-0301 RFQ
520001PSA RFQ
11TNC-50-4-52C193 RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-51H RFQ
85SMA-50-0-8111NX RFQ
6606.00.BA RFQ
1341955001 RFQ
5932-A1-20-0 RFQ
6620.00.AE RFQ
22BNO002133 RFQ
23-SMA-50-0-172199 RFQ
24SMB-50-2-110111NE RFQ
24N-50-2-14133NE RFQ
46SMC-50-0-2-HP RFQ
21N-50-9-9 RFQ
11BNC-75-4-5133 RFQ
11UHF-0-3-21022 RFQ
9077.41.0003 RFQ
85 SMB-50-0-1HPNE RFQ
9070.17.0001 RFQ
22-4195-50-0-6033 RFQ
22H45001133 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-60199 RFQ
11MMCX-50-2-1111OH RFQ
22SMC-50-0-3 RFQ
72-Z-0-0-2 RFQ
71Z-50-2-7111 RFQ
24BNC-50-3-1133 RFQ
23-4195-50-0-13033 RFQ
013128518 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-70199 RFQ
11BNC-50-2-1C133 RFQ
6630.00.BA RFQ
1632951 RFQ
85BNC-75-0-2133 RFQ
6606.19.AC RFQ
23026031 RFQ
11N-50-12-6133 RFQ
21SMA-50-2-5 RFQ
6620.00.BA RFQ
85MMCX-S50-0-511190G RFQ
853011 RFQ
85N-50-0-413-UE RFQ
22SMC-50-0-2 RFQ
126173 RFQ
21SMA-50-1-1 RFQ
SN1549064 RFQ
24BNC5021133NE RFQ
62BNC-0-0-1 RFQ
22BNC5003133 RFQ
71Z5011C RFQ
25 SMA-50-1-4111 NE RFQ
11BNC-50-7-2133 RFQ
11N-50-3-129133UH RFQ
230-22-868 RFQ
SN1495604 RFQ
22MCX-75-0-1111 RFQ
11MMCX-50-1-107 RFQ
11N-50-8-11133 UE RFQ
7200X7R332K630NVR750 RFQ
11N-50-7-55133 RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-51119 RFQ
21N-50-3-5133 RFQ
14BMA-50-2-3199NE RFQ
FSC-FSC-200-02 RFQ
11TNC-50-7-2C133 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-21E RFQ
SN1495664 RFQ
23026464 RFQ
24BNC-50-3-33133 RFQ
85QMA-S50-0-2111NM RFQ
46TNC-50-0-1 RFQ
24TNC-50-2-7 RFQ
24TNC-50-3-3133 RFQ
21N-50-3-12133NE RFQ
24SMB-50-2-13111 RFQ
5932-A1-24-8 RFQ
85SMA-50-0-101111NH RFQ
11BNC-50-3-4C133 RFQ
24BNC50213C133 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-8111 RFQ
85CNQ015 RFQ
00215-205-3 RFQ
SN1549054 RFQ
21SMA-50-2-151 RFQ
SN1549044 RFQ
24TNC-50-6-2133 RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-511190 RFQ
SN1495594 RFQ
SN1549074 RFQ
6620.19.AC RFQ
85MMCXS50051119OL RFQ
11BNC-75-7-1133 RFQ
11MMBX-50-2-1 RFQ
11TNC-50-2-25133 RFQ
5200-01PSA250MM RFQ
SN1549034 RFQ
23027930 RFQ
24BNC5011C133 RFQ
24BNC-50-3-4133 RFQ
22N-50-0-6133UH RFQ
16BNC-50-3-6133 RFQ
24BNC-50-2-29133 RFQ
11BNC7521C133 RFQ
21SMA502-6111 RFQ
11SMA-50-5-2199NE RFQ
661019AA RFQ
23419550015 RFQ
24BNC-75-2-6NE RFQ
6606.00.AE RFQ
48-011-50 RFQ
11N-50-12-15003 RFQ
11SMA-5025111NE RFQ
11SHV5031C133 RFQ
159853 RFQ
85-SMA-50-0-6HP F RFQ
SN1495634 RFQ
11BNC-75-2-21 RFQ
114195-50-7-36003-E RFQ
24SMA-50-2-45133 NE RFQ
24TNC-50-1-1133 RFQ
24H01SEO-09-8593-2 RFQ
23025527 RFQ
81 MMBX-S50-0-1 RFQ
SN1495614 RFQ
24TNC50-3-29-133 RFQ
11BNC50213C133 RFQ
24N-50-7-15133 RFQ
16716-50-7-11003E RFQ
25 BNC-50-2-1 133 NE RFQ
22BNC-75-0-4133 RFQ
114195509200003 RFQ
66103-2 RFQ
86005-00003 RFQ
21SHV-50-3-1133 RFQ
11BNC-75-3-9133 RFQ
SN212992 RFQ
22N-50-0-3133 RFQ
8400N-2 RFQ
22SMB-50-0-11 RFQ
5932A22406 RFQ
24BNC-50-1-6133NE RFQ
11N-50-12-115033E RFQ
84017591 RFQ
24N50-7-24C133 RFQ
6610.00.BA RFQ
71Z-0-7-22 RFQ
24TNC-50-3-6133 RFQ
12SMS-50-O-3111 RFQ
24SMA50-2-14111 RFQ
21N-50-3-8133 RFQ
SN213002 RFQ
24MCX-50-2-14111 RFQ
21N-50-3-7 RFQ
85MMCX-S50-0-51119-OG RFQ
21SMB-50-1-10111 RFQ
11N-75-4-3133NE RFQ
24TNC-50-2-27133 RFQ
21MCX50213111NH RFQ
22BNC-50-0-33E RFQ
HAS 994042699 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-3111 RFQ
51DV-50-0-11009-H1P226 RFQ
SN1495644 RFQ
11N-50-9-2133NE RFQ
23014444 RFQ
46DV5004 RFQ
11MCX502-1613 RFQ
11BNC-50-5-2133 RFQ
24SMB-50-2-11133 RFQ
21MMCX-50-2-1111OE RFQ
23026032 RFQ
114195-50-7-36033NE RFQ
TNC77Z-0-0-12 RFQ
4700-008 TR RFQ
24SMA-50-1-3111NE RFQ
81 BMA-U50-0-14111-N RFQ
84008948 RFQ
24SMA-50-2-70199 RFQ
24BNC-75-3-5133UH RFQ
11SMA-50-4-53C139 RFQ
46SMB-50-0-2 RFQ
22SHV5002133 RFQ
11C-50-7-6133NE RFQ
23012118 RFQ
22MCX-50-0-2-11 RFQ
22BNC-50-0-5133 RFQ
23026441 RFQ
24BNC50-3-8133 RFQ
6607.4804.250 RFQ
71Z-50-2-1 RFQ
11BNC-50-3-52133NE RFQ
71Z-0-7-9 RFQ
11N50313 RFQ
85BNC-50-0-1 RFQ
24TNC50220133 RFQ
11TNC-50-3-115133 UH RFQ
24SMA-50-2-5C111 RFQ
22TNC-50-0-1 RFQ
21N-50-3-7133 RFQ
11N-50-7-144133UH RFQ
86MCX011 RFQ
21N-50-23-101003 RFQ
802508 RFQ
90MMCX-S50-0-51119OH RFQ
9071.99.0448 RFQ
85 SMC-50-0-11HPNH RFQ
7200COG270K630 RFQ
S12272-04 RFQ
84SMB5001111 RFQ
11BNC-75-4-30133NE RFQ
85SMA50-0-42 RFQ
24BNC-75-2-1133NE RFQ
11N-50-7-6133NE RFQ
5932A1169 RFQ
85-1023-C50-0-1133 RFQ
24BNO-0-4-13E RFQ
21SMA-50-3-8111 RFQ
11N5075133 RFQ
23027928 RFQ
SN211112 RFQ
85MCX-50-0-1188 RFQ
85-SMA-50-0-6HP NF RFQ
11H4-50-4-4133 RFQ
21BNO-0-4-1 RFQ
24SMA-50-3-15111 RFQ
24N-50-7-14133 RFQ
21SMB-50-2-13111 RFQ
16BNC-75-2-3133 RFQ
23012117 RFQ
24TNC-50-2-5133 RFQ
22N50031133 RFQ
11N-50-2-2-133NE RFQ
21N-50-3-11133 RFQ
62BNC-0-0-133E RFQ
85MMCX-50-0-1111_OH RFQ
21BNC-50-3-9C133 RFQ
21SMA-50-3-70199 RFQ
85 SMB-50-0-1111N RFQ
21N-50-3-8 RFQ
11N-50-6-21C133 RFQ
85QLA-01-0-2112 RFQ
85 SMA-50-0-8HPNX RFQ
86MCX-0-1-1111 RFQ
3064899A03 RFQ
11UHF-0-3-17022 RFQ
11QLA-01-1-8122 RFQ
90821301B RFQ
11BNC50325 RFQ
85 SMC-50-0-7HPNH RFQ
71Z-0-2-2 RFQ
11N-50-3-4133 RFQ
22QLA-01-0-3113 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-1 RFQ
22SMA-50-0-4NE RFQ
21SSMA-50-1-51119 RFQ
SN162032 RFQ
5932A22403 RFQ
5932E224699 RFQ

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