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Aviation parts of Genicom are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 2485284-2, 35AH5134N1, 5945-01-240-3868, 3SAV5132K1, M3901639-005L lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying STUD, TURNLOCK FASTENER, BEARING, BALL, ANNULAR, BEARING, SLEEVE, IDLER BEARING ASSY, BEARING UNIT or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No RFQ
2485284-2 RFQ
35AH5134N1 RFQ
5945-01-240-3868 RFQ
3SAV5132K1 RFQ
M3901639-005L RFQ
586R348H01 RFQ
3SAF1012A3 RFQ
M3901644P RFQ
5945-00-683-4526 RFQ
3SAH1173A2 RFQ
3SBH1164A2 RFQ
3SBH1020A2 RFQ
M3901631-003L RFQ
3SAT1072-A2 RFQ
M3901613060P RFQ
M3901614-002L RFQ
44A353922P6 RFQ
M3901613-066P RFQ
7025-01-269-4492 RFQ
M3901639-005 RFQ
3S2791G200F16 RFQ
5945-00-236-2116 RFQ
3SBM1205A2 RFQ
3S2791FB100AM12 RFQ
44A353922-006 RFQ
M390166-107L RFQ
5945-00-839-7892 RFQ
3SAH1251A2 RFQ
3SAF1469A2 RFQ
77610421 RFQ
3SAV2004A2 RFQ
5945-00-443-2968 RFQ
393-35507-104 RFQ
3SAV5534A1 RFQ
393-35507-102 RFQ
3SBM1218A2 RFQ
S-311-P-75408-003 RFQ
M3901631-001M RFQ
1A3000B01 RFQ
44A503427-G01 RFQ
3SAF1927A2 RFQ
334653-002 RFQ
5945-00-401-7356 RFQ
M3901613-123P RFQ
35AV1267A2 RFQ
5985-00-233-6740 RFQ
M3901614-002M RFQ
44C415223-002 RFQ
M3901632-003L RFQ
3SAV3174A2 RFQ
3SBM1124A2 RFQ
5961-00-854-7442 RFQ
M3901644-026P RFQ
97942-586R348H01 RFQ
M3901644-004P RFQ
185-007-0006 RFQ
3S2060DV109A1 RFQ
525408001-2001 RFQ
926C161P4 RFQ
3SAF1702A2 RFQ
31240456-2002 RFQ
5905-00-457-7288 RFQ
3SBC1021A2 RFQ
M3901639-005M RFQ
936-085-0007 RFQ
5963-00-007-5377 RFQ
3SAH5132K1 RFQ
M3901648-001M RFQ
3SAF2114A2 RFQ
5945-01-410-6836 RFQ
M3901613-056P RFQ
3S2060DV108A1 RFQ
44A411609-G01 RFQ
63703159-3001 RFQ
35BM1193A2 RFQ
LS41393-003 RFQ
3SAV2557A2 RFQ
3SAV2054A2 RFQ
3SAF1361 RFQ
M3901613-055L RFQ
M3901647-002M RFQ
525413001-2001 RFQ
44A353922-002 RFQ
R9637P2 RFQ
3SBM1216A2 RFQ
M390166-209L RFQ
35BM5004V2 RFQ
M3901613-059P RFQ
3SCP1014A1 RFQ
3SAF1633A2 RFQ
M390166-107P RFQ
5945-00-369-6000 RFQ
3SAE5003K1 RFQ
M3901613-073P RFQ
2658658G1 RFQ
3SAV1743A3 RFQ
3SAH1601A2 RFQ
3SDS1014A2 RFQ
3SAH1210A2 RFQ
2503628-2 RFQ
36011005 RFQ
3SBM1210A2 RFQ
35AV1211A2 RFQ
3SBC-1851A3 RFQ
3SBH1097A2 RFQ
5945-01-062-2826 RFQ
3SAM1789A2 RFQ
35AV1932A2 RFQ
289A651ZM03E300 RFQ
35AV2109A2 RFQ
3SAM6064N2 RFQ
M3901614-007M RFQ
3S2060DM162C1 RFQ
535560001-2001 RFQ
3SAM1809A2 RFQ
936-085-0002 RFQ
3SAE5071K1 RFQ
M3901633-004P RFQ
1261A69H01 RFQ
3SAV1702A2 RFQ
M3901653-002M RFQ
525208001 RFQ
JM3901631-003M RFQ
5945-00-946-4420 RFQ
80-P2893H001 RFQ
3SAE2057A2 RFQ
3S2791FB100F12 RFQ
289A651ZM02D470 RFQ
3SCP1022A2 RFQ
3SBC1817A2 RFQ
3SCV1011A2 RFQ
5945-00-676-9171 RFQ
R9633P1 RFQ
3SBS5002K1 RFQ
M3901644-053M RFQ
44A410515-001 RFQ
3SBK5132H1 RFQ
M3901639004P RFQ
3SAF1414A2 RFQ
M3901614-001M RFQ
63703164-4006 RFQ
5945-00-435-3479 RFQ
3SBM1196A2 RFQ
44683074 RFQ
3SBC1077A2 RFQ
525208001-2001 RFQ
3SAV5534H1 RFQ
3S2791G200F9 RFQ
247AS-C0161-001 RFQ
1338A2 RFQ
J-3SBC2011A2 RFQ
81700407-5001 RFQ
3SBC1053A2 RFQ
3SAV1798A2 RFQ
393-35508-101 RFQ
3SAH5062N1 RFQ
3A06286H01 RFQ
5945-00-106-7089 RFQ
3SAV1267A2 RFQ
3SAV2555A2 RFQ
35BM1124A2 RFQ
3S2791G200F16DE RFQ
3A05796H01 RFQ
M3901639-001P RFQ
44683037 RFQ
6105-01-161-6726 RFQ
072069680 RFQ
5945-01-057-7430 RFQ
3SBH1352A2 RFQ
3SAC6043D2 RFQ
1261A64H02 RFQ
3SBM1246A2 RFQ
5945-01-236-6576 RFQ
3SCP5002H2 RFQ
3SBM1065A2 RFQ
5945-01-062-0800 RFQ
M3901637-023P RFQ
44A418387-001 RFQ
3SAV2165A2 RFQ
3SAR1035A2 RFQ
5815-01-082-5666 RFQ
3SAE5041K1 RFQ
525426001 RFQ
LH21108 RFQ
M390166-216L RFQ
3SBC6004A1 RFQ
3SBM1225A2 RFQ
5945-01-065-3949 RFQ
3SCV5005F1 RFQ
35AV1455A2 RFQ
M3901613-060L RFQ
8591A16H03 RFQ
35BC1074A2 RFQ
865B814P21 RFQ
5001-491 RFQ
3SAF2194A2 RFQ
M3901613-077M RFQ
393-35511-102 RFQ
3SAF1803A2 RFQ
3S2791G200R11 RFQ
R9634P3 RFQ
3SAH1701A2 RFQ
3SAV2279A2 RFQ
3SAH1308A2 RFQ
M3901614-001L RFQ
3SAE1089 RFQ
3SAM1750A2 RFQ
35BH5131E1 RFQ
1261A64H03 RFQ
1261A69H03 RFQ
R9635P1 RFQ
3SBM5004V2 RFQ
M3901613082M RFQ
3SAH1206A2 RFQ
3SBH1338A2 RFQ
JM3901639-001P RFQ
3SAM1741A2 RFQ
3SAV6134M1 RFQ
3SDS5004K1 RFQ
JM3901639-001L RFQ
3SAF1956A2 RFQ
M3901647-003M RFQ
3S2791FB100K9C RFQ
3SAF2195A2 RFQ
3SAV1338A2 RFQ
3SAV1826A2 RFQ
M575785-003 RFQ
M3901615-105L RFQ
3SBM1060A2 RFQ
5945-00-964-4112 RFQ
3SBC1380A2 RFQ
526680001 RFQ
5945-01-249-5869 RFQ
R9635P2 RFQ
5945-00-467-1730 RFQ
3SBM5131R2 RFQ
63703269-4006 RFQ
5945-01-201-7062 RFQ
M3901637-023M RFQ
3SAV5132K2 RFQ
MFR01526 RFQ
M390169-046L RFQ
3SAH-5-13-4-K-1 RFQ
M3901613-073M RFQ
M3901637-017M RFQ
M39016109M RFQ
5930-01-069-9836 RFQ
M3901639-001M RFQ
3SAV5542B2 RFQ
3SAM1446A2 RFQ
M3901613-057L RFQ
M3901644-029P RFQ
M3901631-003M RFQ
R9636P1 RFQ
5945-00-088-2582 RFQ
3SAF2260A2 RFQ
3SCV5004H1 RFQ
M3901631-002L RFQ
5998-01-173-1888 RFQ
JM3901631-003L RFQ
3SAH1326A2 RFQ
3SB55002F1390OHMS RFQ
3SBM1224A2 RFQ
35BC1021A2 RFQ
3SBC1041A2 RFQ
527242001-2001 RFQ
5945-00-945-5409 RFQ
35AV2056A2 RFQ
3S2791FB100AM7 RFQ
3SAV1746A3 RFQ
L503-001-543 RFQ
3SAV1508A2 RFQ
2548661 RFQ
M3901614-008L RFQ
M3901638-026L RFQ
3SBH11339A2 RFQ
5945-01-027-3895 RFQ
M3901615-041L RFQ
3S2791G210S10MN RFQ
5945-01-029-8411 RFQ
525155000-2001 RFQ
44A417869-011 RFQ
3SDS5002F1 RFQ
44A417399-001 RFQ
3SAF1347A2 RFQ
3SBH5004K1 RFQ
JM3901632-009L RFQ
ES6398-01 RFQ
5905-00-457-7278 RFQ
63002257-1 RFQ
44B258021 RFQ
3SBH1175A2 RFQ
J-3SBC1650A3 RFQ
808756-3 RFQ
M3901636-003M RFQ
J.3SAV2703A2 RFQ
44A417008-001 RFQ
M3901639-002M RFQ
5945-01-108-1490 RFQ
44A411556-029 RFQ
M3901613-066L RFQ
44C415223-001 RFQ
526681001 RFQ
J-3SAV2766A2 RFQ
3SAE2148A2 RFQ
M3910613060P RFQ
44B251106-015 RFQ
3SBH1325A2 RFQ
M3901613-065M RFQ
M3901631-002M RFQ
3SAR1014A2 RFQ
2658658 RFQ
M390166-216 RFQ
94311718 RFQ
M390166-128P RFQ
2068860-0001 RFQ
M3910631-003L RFQ
P20627-01 RFQ
C10-62410 RFQ
3SCV1014A2 RFQ
M3901622-006L RFQ
3SBK5134H1 RFQ
578145H09 RFQ
M3901613-093L RFQ
5945-01-067-0798 RFQ
3SCM1005A2 RFQ
3SAE2053A2 RFQ
3SAM1858A2 RFQ

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