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Aviation parts of G E C Marconi Avionics are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 1021-9300-074, IGM-004, R1604M8, 703-4-98350-008, R1624-3 lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying PACKING,PREFORMED, GASKET SET MAJOR OVERHAUL, GEARBOX/, ACTUATOR ASSEMBLY, CONTROL or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No RFQ
1021-9300-074 RFQ
R1604M8 RFQ
703-4-98350-008 RFQ
R1624-3 RFQ
R4610M8-2 RFQ
6LG7W25-24PN RFQ
42-010-01 RFQ
703-4-98297-007 RFQ
6050-3308-23000 RFQ
6050-3308-17000 RFQ
821-300 RFQ
6LG6W13-04SN RFQ
1021-0043-009 RFQ
R460M24 RFQ
R460M25 RFQ
S251W700-230 RFQ
2346391 RFQ
568-1-29500-002 RFQ
S251W700-204 RFQ
50342414-12000 RFQ
1021-9300-061 RFQ
817-293-1 RFQ
1021-9200-003 RFQ
R1597-23 RFQ
1021-0040-013 RFQ
6009-0550-17004 RFQ
0R1144 RFQ
M020M8 RFQ
6009-0550-15002 RFQ
5034-2607-12000 RFQ
21187-00186 RFQ
42-015-01 RFQ
754-1-39406-002 RFQ
6LG7W25-04PA RFQ
140312-7 RFQ
R4610M23-1 RFQ
R1143M1-1 RFQ
R4610M10-1 RFQ
6009-0550-25003 RFQ
1021-9400-072 RFQ
R1604M5-111 RFQ
S251W700-203 RFQ
R4610M10-2 RFQ
1021-0125-007 RFQ
2833-015 RFQ
29-065-05 RFQ
6LG7W23-21SD RFQ
140312-6 RFQ
R1516 RFQ
1021-0125-002 RFQ
754-1-39405-002 RFQ
1021-9200-001 RFQ
2380612 RFQ
2833-0013 RFQ
6LG7W17-06SN RFQ
1021-0908-001 RFQ
1021-9800-001 RFQ
6L00W23-21SD RFQ
R1514M1-1 RFQ
R4610M5-2 RFQ
R1624-5 RFQ
1021-9800-011 RFQ
280-36507-P2APN RFQ
1090148 RFQ
1021-9400-071 RFQ
R1549-1 RFQ
R1604M3-1 RFQ
CC182526/27 RFQ
1021-9100-041 RFQ
1021-9100-003 RFQ
R1053 RFQ
6LG7W25-24SA RFQ
R1604M5-11 RFQ
R1604M5 RFQ
R1028 RFQ
1021-9100-001 RFQ
1021-0043-005 RFQ
S251W700-231 RFQ
140221-2 RFQ
1021-9200-041 RFQ
S251W700-205 RFQ
6LG7W15-05PN RFQ
60325-034 RFQ
1090156 RFQ
4547703-505 RFQ
6009-0550-15005 RFQ
4547680 RFQ
1021-0044-005 RFQ
6LG7W15-05SN RFQ
R1143M1-2 RFQ
1021-9400-061 RFQ
6009-0550-13004 RFQ
1021-0131-001 RFQ
6L00W25-04SA RFQ
1021-9300-072 RFQ
140312-5 RFQ
417177-3 RFQ
R1159-2 RFQ
6LG7W23-21SB RFQ
6LG7W17-08SN RFQ
6LG7W25-04SA RFQ
1021-9200-012 RFQ
1092669 RFQ
1021-9300-071 RFQ
S251W700-200 RFQ
1021-9700-001 RFQ
6L00W23-21PB RFQ
6LG7W17-08PN RFQ
1021-0049-016 RFQ
6000-0553-17000 RFQ
R1604M3 RFQ
S251W700-202 RFQ
1021-9400-074 RFQ
1021-0916-001 RFQ
1021-0040-011 RFQ
R1624 RFQ
6LG7W25-24PA RFQ
R460M27-1 RFQ
6009-0550-23004 RFQ
5034-2414-20000 RFQ
140221-3 RFQ
1021-0300-061 RFQ
R1624-4 RFQ
42-007-02 RFQ
R460M27-2 RFQ
R1053M17 RFQ
6009-0550-25002 RFQ
R1624-2 RFQ
42-021-01 RFQ
6050-3308-15000 RFQ
6000-0553-19000 RFQ
6LG7W15-18PN RFQ
01828-00991 RFQ
2810457 RFQ
S251W700-201 RFQ
4382620 RFQ
1021-9200-011 RFQ
5034-2607-0200 RFQ
5034-2607-16000 RFQ
R1624-1 RFQ
1021-0043-013 RFQ
R1419M11 RFQ
49-177-10 RFQ
1021-9300-064 RFQ
817-400-001 RFQ
R1409M5-1 RFQ
6LG7W13-04SN RFQ
1021-0100-001 RFQ
21188-00230 RFQ
6L00W17-08PN RFQ
R1604M5-1 RFQ
1021-9400-064 RFQ
R1550M12 RFQ
1021-9200-002 RFQ

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