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Aviation parts of Enstrom Helicopter are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 1974 11, 5/16 HARPER, SPDD 2315, 28-14224-5, 28-14224-1 lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying ADAPTER, HUB, 480B SHAFT LWR, ADAPTER, HUB, M.R. SHAFT UPPER, ANGLE, ANGLE FAN SHROUD, APU UNIT or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
1974 11 NA NA Avl RFQ
28-14224-5 NA adapter, hub, 480b shaft lwr Avl RFQ
28-14224-1 NA adapter, hub, m.r. shaft upper Avl RFQ
280-112005-15 NA angle Avl RFQ
280-126001-49 NA angle fan shroud Avl RFQ
HAS-62 NA apu unit Avl RFQ
280-126001-34 NA baffle fan shroud Avl RFQ
28-16338-4 NA bar idler bell crank bottom Avl RFQ
28-16338-3 NA bar idler bell crank top Avl RFQ
28-16338-1 NA bar idler trc Avl RFQ
28-16345-1 NA barrel link pitch Avl RFQ
RG35 NA battery, sealed, 12v lead/acid Avl RFQ
RG24-11M NA battery, sealed, 24v lead/acid Avl RFQ
LHSSE-5 NA bearing (replaces lhssr 5 Avl RFQ
28-16103-1 NA bearing housing guide tube Avl RFQ
28-16132-4 NA bearing link swash plate Avl RFQ
28-16302-1 NA bearing pitch control Avl RFQ
28-16394-2 NA bearing pitch control Avl RFQ
28-16201-1 NA bearing rod end Avl RFQ
02-691-04 NA bearing, rod end, 1/4 female Avl RFQ
28NBC2040YZP NA bearing, roller, 1.750 needle Avl RFQ
RF12-22-14P NA bearing: do not order Avl RFQ
28-16515-1 NA bellcrank clutch lever Avl RFQ
28-16189-1 NA bellcrank coll.control (fc Avl RFQ
28-16160-7 NA bellcrank cyclic control Avl RFQ
28-16233-1 NA bellcrank,assy Avl RFQ
28-181007-3 NA blast tube replaces 1 Avl RFQ
28-14117-11 NA block, universal,piston (fc Avl RFQ
28-17150-1 NA bolt attach frame gear landing Avl RFQ
28-17135-11 NA bolt attaching oleo 280fx Avl RFQ
28-16307-1 NA bolt guide .55 long Avl RFQ
28-16324-1 NA bolt guide .63 long Avl RFQ
28-16310-2 NA bolt pivot box gear rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-16109-1 NA bolt swash plate control m/r Avl RFQ
280-126002-1 NA boot, cooler, oil Avl RFQ
280-112005-11 NA bracket Avl RFQ
28-16284-1 NA bracket attach fwd control cyc Avl RFQ
28-16294-13 NA bracket bias spring Avl RFQ
28-16314-1 NA bracket control lower g/b t/r Avl RFQ
28-16313-1 NA bracket control upper g/b t/r Avl RFQ
28-21035-1 NA bracket landing light fwd Avl RFQ
28-18085-1 NA bracket mount Avl RFQ
28-180049-11 NA bracket placard Avl RFQ
28-20121-11 NA bracket stabilizer l/h Avl RFQ
28-20121-12 NA bracket stabilizer r/h Avl RFQ
28-22209-101 NA bracket support assy harness Avl RFQ
28-17001-1 NA bracket wheel assy Avl RFQ
28-14202-3 NA bracket, walking beam Avl RFQ
1961374 NA breaker 20amp Avl RFQ
1961357 NA breaker, circuit, 3a toggle Avl RFQ
1961359 NA breaker, circuit, 5a toggle Avl RFQ
28-16122-1E01R NA brg hsg reworked Avl RFQ
28-15033-11 NA bumper neoprene t.r Avl RFQ
28-15033-15 NA bumper t.r. assembly Avl RFQ
28-16311-1 NA bushing Avl RFQ
28-16336-11 NA bushing Avl RFQ
28-16473-1 NA bushing Avl RFQ
28-16319-1 NA bushing control rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-14277-1 NA bushing damper Avl RFQ
28-14250-1 NA bushing flanged Avl RFQ
28-14276-1 NA bushing flanged Avl RFQ
28-16332-1 NA bushing leg pedal control t/r Avl RFQ
10-DU-10 NA bushing, du, 0.625 (0.625 Avl RFQ
HAS-64 NA cable, apu, 12v Avl RFQ
28-16350-1 NA cable, control, 51 t.r Avl RFQ
28-21024-1 NA cable, control, landing light Avl RFQ
280-117002-1 NA cable,assy Avl RFQ
28-17159-11 NA cap skid tube anodize Avl RFQ
280-112002-13 NA channel t/c bulkhead Avl RFQ
2852 NA cht probe Avl RFQ
28-17121-1DR NA clamp cross tube drilled Avl RFQ
28-17143-11 NA clamp fairing Avl RFQ
28-17205-1 NA clamp guard rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-21009-1 NA clamp lens Avl RFQ
28-17208-11 NA clamp t.r. strut Avl RFQ
28-16275-1 NA clip assembly Avl RFQ
280-126001-53 NA clip vane Avl RFQ
280-201000-25 NA clip vertical stabilizer Avl RFQ
C2400L4VTAB-24 NA compass, magnetic, 24v( Avl RFQ
C2400L4VWAB-RG NA compass, magnetic, 280 Avl RFQ
28-17166-12 NA cover aft cross tube right Avl RFQ
28-17166-11 NA cover aft crosstube left Avl RFQ
28-14239-1 NA cover bearing thrust Avl RFQ
280-180001-13 NA cover front fiberglass c/s Avl RFQ
280-180001-11 NA cover left side Avl RFQ
28-18165-19 NA cover lower console Avl RFQ
280-180001-12 NA cover right side Avl RFQ
280-124301-15 NA cover structure fuel left Avl RFQ
280-124301-16 NA cover structure fuel right Avl RFQ
28-14239-11 NA cover, lexan, lamiflex bearing Avl RFQ
28-17158-1 NA cover, shock strut, (f28f Avl RFQ
280-114502-3 NA cowling side upper lh Avl RFQ
280-114502-4 NA cowling side upper rh Avl RFQ
28-16622-1 NA crank bell trim cyclic Avl RFQ
28-17122-3DR NA cross tube drilled Avl RFQ
28-17130-1 NA cylinder, strut, lg gear shock Avl RFQ
28-17140-1 NA cylinder, strut, lg gear shock Avl RFQ
28-14383-13 NA cylinder,ret.t/t strap (fc Avl RFQ
28-14375-8 NA damper assy m/r hub 480 Avl RFQ
28-14375-101 NA damper assy m/r hub piston Avl RFQ
28-14375-7 NA damper assy m/r hub piston Avl RFQ
28-14375-905 NA damper cover assy Avl RFQ
28-14375-906 NA damper hsg assy not used Avl RFQ
1B7536 NA detector, chip, 0.090 gap Avl RFQ
280-113027-2 NA door 280fx rh w/sliding window Avl RFQ
2855 NA dual probe Avl RFQ
280-126003-1 NA duct exit oil cool assy Avl RFQ
28-181008-1 NA ducting stub Avl RFQ
2870 NA egt probe Avl RFQ
680-8D NA elbow, 90d, 0.500 r/u al Avl RFQ
680-10D NA elbow, 90d, 0.625 r/u al Avl RFQ
680-12D NA elbow, 90d, 0.750 r/u al Avl RFQ
6895028 NA element:filter, turbine fuel Avl RFQ
280-127503-11 NA end duct heat duct Avl RFQ
28-22235-1 NA engine door opener kit Avl RFQ
28-17119-14 NA fairing boot 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17141-3 NA fairing cuff lh aft 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17141-1 NA fairing cuff lh fwd 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17141-4 NA fairing cuff rh aft 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17141-2 NA fairing cuff rh fwd 280fx Avl RFQ
280-210003-11 NA fairing navigation light Avl RFQ
28-20112-1 NA fin vertical stabilizer Avl RFQ
28-17146-4 NA fitting Avl RFQ
28-17203-1 NA fitting Avl RFQ
28-17129-1 NA fitting end beam cross Avl RFQ
28-16339-7 NA fitting fork end t.r.c Avl RFQ
28-17204-1 NA fitting guard rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-16253-15 NA fitting push/pull mrc (fc Avl RFQ
1911-B NA fitting, grease, 90 d (1/4 28 Avl RFQ
1728-B NA fitting, grease, drive(3/16 Avl RFQ
280-113027-11 NA frame door lh 280fx Avl RFQ
28-181001-911 NA fuel line Avl RFQ
229002 NA fuse 2 amp slo blow Avl RFQ
229003 NA fuse, slo blo, 3a 2ag Avl RFQ
229007 NA fuse, slo blo, 7a 2ag Avl RFQ
229001 NA fuse:slo blo, 1a 2ag s/m cartr Avl RFQ
23053995 NA gasket, clutch, input output Avl RFQ
28-16630-4 NA gear hsg lat. trim Avl RFQ
28-16630-3 NA gear hsg long. trim Avl RFQ
702-5123 NA grip assembly:cyclic control Avl RFQ
28-150044-1 NA grip tail rotor blade Avl RFQ
28-150044-3 NA grip tail rotor blade (fc Avl RFQ
702-5130 NA grip, control, cyclic Avl RFQ
28-17201-1 NA guard rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-17201-3 NA guard rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-16519-1 NA guide Avl RFQ
28-17153-13 NA guide strut shock (28 17153 1 Avl RFQ
28-18021-1 NA gyro brkt Avl RFQ
28-16521-1 NA handle clutch Avl RFQ
28-16542-11 NA heat shield Avl RFQ
280-113027-24 NA hinge door rh Avl RFQ
28-18166-903 NA hood console assy (narrow Avl RFQ
28-18166-901 NA hood console assy (wide Avl RFQ
28-180058-11 NA hood glare shield al Avl RFQ
28-18158-1 NA hood instrument cover Avl RFQ
28-18158-3 NA hood instrument cover narrow Avl RFQ
28-181006-11 NA hose Avl RFQ
28-18061-1 NA hose, air, 1/4 (12 lg Avl RFQ
601002-6-0180 NA hose, air, 3/8 (18 lg) static Avl RFQ
624117-6-0180 NA hose, assembly Avl RFQ
920-015 NA hose, rubber, 3/16, 300 psi wp Avl RFQ
28-16083-1 NA housing bearing Avl RFQ
28-16331-1 NA housing bearing Avl RFQ
28-16615-1 NA housing spring Avl RFQ
28-17144-1 NA housing, seal, oleo guide tube Avl RFQ
28-17144-5 NA housing, seal, oleo guide tube Avl RFQ
28-18026-1 NA housing:output, t/r tach drive Avl RFQ
28-150067-15 NA hub,rotor,tail(nedl.brg.(fc Avl RFQ
28-17308-1 NA indicator strike tail rotor Avl RFQ
1040 NA indicator, bank, ball Avl RFQ
28-18153-3 NA instrument chassis (wide Avl RFQ
28-14257-1 NA key, locking, m.r. hub assy Avl RFQ
28-18082-7 NA kit dimmer field retro Avl RFQ
28-14320-15 NA lamiflex bearing Avl RFQ
90312A21 NA lanyard th 28 seat Avl RFQ
90312A11 NA lanyard:pedal, tail rotor Avl RFQ
280-117003-1 NA latch door assy Avl RFQ
28-16523-1 NA lever clutch engagement Avl RFQ
28-181002-1 NA line fuel pressure Avl RFQ
28-181003-1 NA line static pressure Avl RFQ
28-181004-1 NA line static vent Avl RFQ
28-18112-1 NA line static vent Avl RFQ
28-18113-1 NA line static vent Avl RFQ
28-16132-1 NA link support swash plate Avl RFQ
28-17306-1 NA link, universal, extended Avl RFQ
28-17123-1 NA link, universal, ldg gear lwr Avl RFQ
280-114507-21 NA locking cam baggage door Avl RFQ
28-22031-1 NA magneto cooling kit Avl RFQ
28-21011-1 NA mount light upper Avl RFQ
28-14227-1 NA nut lock Avl RFQ
28-16113-1 NA nut retention shaft guide tube Avl RFQ
28-16611-1 NA nut, acme, cyclic trim system Avl RFQ
28-14335-1 NA nut,thrust,brg.ret. (fc Avl RFQ
28-17148-903 NA oleo gear landing Avl RFQ
28-17204-3 NA pad fitting guard rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-21002-3 NA pad mount Avl RFQ
28-21002-4 NA pad mount Avl RFQ
28-14251-1 NA pad stop Avl RFQ
28-14251-2 NA pad stop Avl RFQ
280-128001-11 NA panel baggage falsework aft Avl RFQ
28-18162-13 NA panel console cover lh Avl RFQ
28-18161-13 NA panel console cover radio Avl RFQ
28-18162-14 NA panel console cover rh Avl RFQ
28-18161-11 NA panel console cover(wide Avl RFQ
28-18161-15 NA panel front radio (narrow Avl RFQ
28-18091-7 NA panel id up assy Avl RFQ
28-18159-13 NA panel instrment front narrow Avl RFQ
28-18159-11 NA panel instrument front Avl RFQ
28-18169-21 NA panel radio (no cutout Avl RFQ
28-18165-15 NA panel side console Avl RFQ
28-18165-17 NA panel side console Avl RFQ
28-18171-1 NA panel switch wide Avl RFQ
28-16334-901 NA pedals control rotor tail Avl RFQ
28-16321-10 NA pedals, co pilot removable set Avl RFQ
28-17147-3 NA pin piston Avl RFQ
SS-094-0625 NA pin, spring, 0.094 x 0.625 ss Avl RFQ
28-14233-3 NA pin,hinge,m.r.hub flap.(fc Avl RFQ
28-17147-7 NA piston shaft and guide Avl RFQ
28-17146-7PNT NA piston tube assy paint Avl RFQ
28-14207-101 NA pitch change b/c assy (fc Avl RFQ
28-16398-901 NA pitch link assy tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-17330-1 NA pitot assy Avl RFQ
28-17342-1 NA pitot tube assy floats Avl RFQ
28-180052-11 NA placard a mph/f f28f Avl RFQ
28-22559-13 NA placard aux fuel Avl RFQ
28-21021-1 NA placard battery charge warning Avl RFQ
28-180054-11 NA placard c mph/f f28f Avl RFQ
28-16033-11 NA placard caution Avl RFQ
28-18100-11 NA placard caution Avl RFQ
28-19037-11 NA placard clutch disengage Avl RFQ
28-18172-11 NA placard compliance/strobe Avl RFQ
28-18088-1 NA placard e Avl RFQ
28-18088-3 NA placard e (1.3 w x 2.0 hg Avl RFQ
28-18108-1 NA placard enstrom, black Avl RFQ
28-18107-1 NA placard enstrom, white Avl RFQ
28-16449-1 NA placard fuel mixture Avl RFQ
28-18106-11 NA placard german static vent rd Avl RFQ
28-180041-1 NA placard manifold pressure Avl RFQ
28-17331-1 NA placard never ex speeds float Avl RFQ
28-180030-1 NA placard never exc 28c 2350 Avl RFQ
28-180018-1 NA placard never exceed speed Avl RFQ
28-180023-1 NA placard never exceed speed Avl RFQ
28-18006-1 NA placard no smoking Avl RFQ
28-18092-11 NA placard overboost Avl RFQ
28-18016-1 NA placard panel light dimmer Avl RFQ
28-22609-1 NA placard restricted Avl RFQ
28-16525-1 NA placard rotor clutch Avl RFQ
28-18105-13 NA placard static airvent white Avl RFQ
28-18063-1 NA placard vfr Avl RFQ
28-16296-11 NA placard, friction, collective Avl RFQ
28-14270-1 NA placard, grip, m.r. blade Avl RFQ
28-20107-13 NA placard, no push , white/clr Avl RFQ
28-18043-1 NA placard, pressure, fuel boost Avl RFQ
28-180045-11 NA placard, vne, f md. mph a Avl RFQ
28-180047-11 NA placard, vne, f md. mph c Avl RFQ
28-180048-11 NA placard, vne, f md. mph d Avl RFQ
28-180053-11 NA placard: b mph/f f28f Avl RFQ
28-22543-11 NA placard: max. egt 1650deg f Avl RFQ
28-20107-11 NA placard: no push Avl RFQ
28-17164-11 NA placard: no step Avl RFQ
28-18075-1 NA placard: pull for idle Avl RFQ
28-18172-13 NA placard:day/night Avl RFQ
28-180040-1 NA placard:flight compliance Avl RFQ
28-17005-1 NA placard:lever, grd. hndl wheel Avl RFQ
28-18105-11 NA placard:static airvent keep cl Avl RFQ
28-19064-1 NA placards, avionics, piston a/c Avl RFQ
28-16537-11 NA placards, stowage, clutch hdle Avl RFQ
28-21003-1 NA plate backing Avl RFQ
28-22208-11 NA plate backing shoulder harness Avl RFQ
28-16291-1 NA plate cyclic Avl RFQ
28-22208-1 NA plate harness not used Avl RFQ
28-17104-1 NA plate wear forward Avl RFQ
28-14281-5 NA plate, hub, lower Avl RFQ
28-14280-5 NA plate, hub, upper Avl RFQ
28-22013-1 NA plate, name Avl RFQ
28-150060-11 NA plate:pitcharm,t.r.blade (fc Avl RFQ
28-15013-1 NA plate:retention Avl RFQ
280-113027-13 NA plexiglass,door 280fx lh Avl RFQ
280-113027-14 NA plexiglass,door 280fx rh Avl RFQ
PS-83-B NA plug, sight, t.r.g.b Avl RFQ
1B7536-2 NA plug:detector, chip Avl RFQ
102-00007 NA probe, temperature, cyl. head Avl RFQ
28-18027-1 NA pulley drive tach Avl RFQ
28-18030-1 NA pulley drive tach Avl RFQ
28-14262-1 NA race, bearing, bellcrank Avl RFQ
28-19103-1 NA retainer assy 12 volt battery Avl RFQ
28-16392-13 NA retainer link pitch Avl RFQ
28-16325-2 NA retainer pitch link assy Avl RFQ
28-16389-2 NA retainer seal tube guide mrc Avl RFQ
28-16374-1 NA retainer t.r.g.b. make (48 Avl RFQ
28-19104-1 NA retainer, battery top Avl RFQ
28-16389-1 NA retainer, bearing Avl RFQ
RES2RO NA rheostat 2 ohms type e Avl RFQ
28-20104-15 NA rib stabilizer Avl RFQ
28-20104-3 NA rib stabilizer cone tail Avl RFQ
280-201000-21 NA rib vertical stabilizer aft Avl RFQ
280-201000-19 NA rib vertical stabilizer fwd Avl RFQ
28-16071-11 NA ring Avl RFQ
28-17151-1 NA ring, rebound, shock strut Avl RFQ
CR3213-4-2 NA rivet, c/max(u/h), 1/8 x0.224 Avl RFQ
CR3243-4-2 NA rivet, c/max(u/h), 1/8x.238 os Avl RFQ
CR91484-4-3 NA rivet, truss head, 1/8 x0.285 Avl RFQ
CR91484-4-4 NA rivet, truss head, 1/8 x0.347 Avl RFQ
CR91484-4-5 NA rivet, truss head, 1/8 x0.410 Avl RFQ
280-117003-27 NA rod Avl RFQ
28-16273-3 NA rod friction collective Avl RFQ
28-16179-2 NA rod push/pull coll.cntrl(fc Avl RFQ
28-16192-1 NA rod push/pull cycl.cntrl (fc Avl RFQ
28-16191-1 NA rod push/pull cycl.cntrl.(fc Avl RFQ
28-16236-1 NA rod tie anchor pivot Avl RFQ
28-14367-5 NA screw restr.replaced by 51086 Avl RFQ
91802A830 NA screw, mach(oh), 10 32x0.625ss Avl RFQ
5/16-24X3/8 NA screw, set(shc), 5/16 24x0.375 Avl RFQ
28-150076-19 NA seal tail rotor Avl RFQ
TS-023 NA seal, rubber, 1.051 (.066 sq Avl RFQ
11052 NA seal:oil, 1.125 (1.379 )viton Avl RFQ
19754 NA seal:oil, 2.000 shaft(2.506 Avl RFQ
CR20526 NA seal:oil, 2.063 (2.661 Avl RFQ
28-14371-1 NA set screw Avl RFQ
28-18025-1 NA shaft (replaced by 13 Avl RFQ
28-16260-1 NA shaft guide Avl RFQ
28-16105-1 NA shaft guide tube Avl RFQ
28-17157-1 NA shaft, spring, shock strut va Avl RFQ
28-16223-19 NA shaft, universal, swash.(fc Avl RFQ
28-18024-1 NA shaft,dr.tach(replaced by 5 Avl RFQ
28-18164-3 NA shield glare (narrow Avl RFQ
28-18164-1 NA shield glare (wide Avl RFQ
28-150072-2 NA shim .002 Avl RFQ
28-150072-5 NA shim .005 Avl RFQ
28-14290-3 NA shim hub Avl RFQ
28-14290-7 NA shim hub Avl RFQ
28-14290-9 NA shim hub Avl RFQ
28-150018-13 NA shim t.r.blade Avl RFQ
28-150018-15 NA shim t.r.blade Avl RFQ
28-15136-11 NA shim t.r.blade Avl RFQ
28-15136-15 NA shim t.r.blade Avl RFQ
280-114500-907 NA shim t/c installation Avl RFQ
28-16524-8 NA shim, controls, 0.001 m.r Avl RFQ
28-16524-7 NA shim, controls, 0.002 m.r Avl RFQ
28-16524-4 NA shim, controls, 0.015 m.r Avl RFQ
28-16524-3 NA shim, controls, 0.020 m.r Avl RFQ
28-14293-9 NA shim, retention, 0.004(tan)mrb Avl RFQ
28-16125-5 NA shim, swashplate, 0.002 upper Avl RFQ
28-16125-3 NA shim, swashplate, 0.005 upper Avl RFQ
28-16524-5 NA shim:m/r controls, 0.005 thk Avl RFQ
28-14293-13 NA shim:mrb retention, 0.010 (br Avl RFQ
28-150078-15 NA shim:t/r ndl brg, 0.005 thick Avl RFQ
28-22209-2 NA shoulder harness belt support Avl RFQ
28-22210-7 NA shoulder harness instl single Avl RFQ
28-16070-11 NA shroud stick collective 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17102-3 NA skid gear landing Avl RFQ
28-17132-3 NA skid leg left rear Avl RFQ
28-17132-2 NA skid leg right front Avl RFQ
28-17132-4 NA skid leg right rear Avl RFQ
280-112001-11 NA skin side closure t/c lh Avl RFQ
280-112001-12 NA skin side closure t/c rt Avl RFQ
280-200000-11 NA skin stabilizer Avl RFQ
280-201000-11 NA skin vertical stabilizer fwd Avl RFQ
280-201000-15 NA skin vertical stabilizer lh Avl RFQ
280-201000-17 NA skin vertical stabilizer rh Avl RFQ
28-14358-3 NA sleeve assy Avl RFQ
28-14358-4 NA sleeve assy damper Avl RFQ
28-14369-1 NA sleeve damper Avl RFQ
28-14273-13 NA sleeve restrict Avl RFQ
18-2-G NA sleeve see: 428 3vg Avl RFQ
28-22400-3 NA snowshoe fwd assy Avl RFQ
28-22400-1 NA snowshoe left rear assy Avl RFQ
28-22400-2 NA snowshoe right rear assy Avl RFQ
28-16189-7 NA spacer Avl RFQ
28-14261-1 NA spacer bearing Avl RFQ
28-16106-2 NA spacer bearing guide tube Avl RFQ
28-150016-11 NA spacer bearing hub t rotor Avl RFQ
28-16209-1 NA spacer bellcrank control cyc Avl RFQ
28-16202-1 NA spacer chrome control m/r Avl RFQ
28-16210-4 NA spacer collective control Avl RFQ
28-16210-3 NA spacer cyclic control Avl RFQ
28-16353-3 NA spacer end rod control t/r Avl RFQ
28-16353-4 NA spacer end rod control t/r Avl RFQ
28-16353-5 NA spacer end rod control t/r Avl RFQ
28-21017-1 NA spacer engine Avl RFQ
28-16148-1 NA spacer grind universal s/p Avl RFQ
28-16504-1 NA spacer journal bearing Avl RFQ
28-16520-1 NA spacer lever drive clutch Avl RFQ
28-17149-1 NA spacer oleo Avl RFQ
28-16228-1 NA spacer plate swash lower Avl RFQ
28-16404-1 NA spacer rod end Avl RFQ
28-16276-1 NA spacer rod friction Avl RFQ
28-17206-17 NA spacer strut t.r. guard Avl RFQ
28-16626-1 NA spacer trim cyclic Avl RFQ
28-16157-4 NA spacer, bellcrank, cyclic Avl RFQ
28-16203-1 NA spacer, bellcrank, m.r. hub Avl RFQ
28-16225-19 NA spacer, swashplate, lower Avl RFQ
280-200002-11 NA spar Avl RFQ
280-200000-13 NA spar stabilizer Avl RFQ
280-200000-14 NA spar stabilizer Avl RFQ
280-201001-11 NA spar support Avl RFQ
28-14282-13 NA spindle: m.r.(pistn.) (fc Avl RFQ
28-15202-13 NA spindle: tail rotor, a mdl Avl RFQ
280-126001-3 NA splitter assy Avl RFQ
280-127502-1 NA splitter heat duct assy Avl RFQ
28-16292-11 NA spring Avl RFQ
28-16229-13 NA spring trim coll turbo Avl RFQ
28-16283-2 NA spring, ext, cyc. ctl(.5x7.8 Avl RFQ
28-17155-1 NA spring, valve, oleo(lndg gear Avl RFQ
28-20106-2 NA stab. r clip 28a Avl RFQ
28-20101-1 NA stab. spar assy Avl RFQ
280-200000-2 NA stabilizer horiz rh Avl RFQ
280-200000-1 NA stabilizer horiz. lh Avl RFQ
28-20119-3 NA stabilizer lh t.c.(now 903 Avl RFQ
28-20119-4 NA stabilizer rh t.c.(now 904 Avl RFQ
280-201002-11 NA stabilizer vert upper Avl RFQ
280-201000-1 NA stabilizer vertical Avl RFQ
28-16023-901 NA stick coll assy (pilot Avl RFQ
28-16024-901 NA stick cyclic assy Avl RFQ
28-19021-17 NA stick cyclic co pilot Avl RFQ
28-19021-15 NA stick cyclic pilot (fc Avl RFQ
28-14231-1 NA stop pad flapping Avl RFQ
28-15002-1 NA stop teetering Avl RFQ
28-15030-1 NA stop teetering Avl RFQ
280-113037-13 NA strap restraint door 280fx Avl RFQ
28-14311-1 NA strap teflon Avl RFQ
280-201000-41 NA strap vertical stabilizer Avl RFQ
280-113036-1 NA strap, restraint, cabin door Avl RFQ
280-113039-11 NA striker, latch, cabin door Avl RFQ
280-113034-11 NA strip abrasion door lh 280fx Avl RFQ
280-113034-12 NA strip abrasion door rh 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17207-1 NA strut assy. t/t guard Avl RFQ
280-127505-13 NA stub seat Avl RFQ
28-16309-1 NA stud Avl RFQ
280-113016-29 NA support battery seat Avl RFQ
280-114508-11 NA support cowl aft Avl RFQ
28-18165-13 NA support mount console Avl RFQ
28-18165-11 NA support panel console Avl RFQ
28-16322-1 NA support, foot, adjustable Avl RFQ
28-17006-11 NA surface nonslip 2 x24 Avl RFQ
28-17006-15 NA surface nonslip 2 x4 Avl RFQ
28-16613-1 NA switch actuator micro Avl RFQ
28-16636-1 NA switch motor trim Avl RFQ
2904-33 NA switch pressure oil Avl RFQ
11TS150-2 NA switch toggle spst Avl RFQ
SPDD2415 NA switch, pressure, air inlet Avl RFQ
28-17200-3 NA t.r. guard w/ strut instl Avl RFQ
601985-2 NA tab, jumper, 6 terminal block Avl RFQ
28-150079-5 NA tail rotor assembly Avl RFQ
28-150079-7 NA tail rotor assembly Avl RFQ
28-15120-1 NA tail rotor blade (narrow chord Avl RFQ
28-150002-1 NA tail rotor blade (wide chord Avl RFQ
28-150023-1 NA tail rotor blade and grip (narrow Avl RFQ
28-150001-5 NA tail rotor blade and grip (wide ch Avl RFQ
28-16398-7 NA tail rotor gearbox w/controls Avl RFQ
28-150074-13 NA tail rotor spindle Avl RFQ
280-124301-1 NA tank fuel left Avl RFQ
280-124301-2 NA tank fuel right Avl RFQ
28-14141-11 NA tape leading edge Avl RFQ
28-14141-13CS NA tape leading edge Avl RFQ
28-14141-13-KIT NA tape leading edge m.r./adhesiv Avl RFQ
9080502 NA tape:carpet, dbl coated 2 36yd Avl RFQ
28-16490-101 NA throttle, correlator uk only Avl RFQ
28-150076-13 NA thrust bumper tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-16339-1 NA tie rod trc assy Avl RFQ
SST1M-MP NA tie, cable, 4 (0.100 ) nylon Avl RFQ
SST1.5I-MP NA tie, cable, 5.3 (0.14 ) nylon Avl RFQ
SST2S-MP NA tie, cable, 6.7 (0.190 ) nylon Avl RFQ
2871 NA tit probe Avl RFQ
28-16297-11 NA torque tube extension Avl RFQ
28-16600-107 NA trim motor assy lateral 24v Avl RFQ
28-16600-105 NA trim motor assy longit 24v Avl RFQ
28-16179-12 NA tube coll Avl RFQ
28-16008-3 NA tube coll assy Avl RFQ
28-17146-7 NA tube piston assy (replaces 1 Avl RFQ
28-17309-1 NA tube pitot weld assy c/s Avl RFQ
280-201000-33 NA tube stngr.vert.stab./svc only Avl RFQ
28-17156-3 NA valve piston l/g strut Avl RFQ
280-126001-17 NA vane Avl RFQ
280-126001-9 NA vane assy Avl RFQ
280-126003-13 NA vane oil cooler Avl RFQ
280-126001-11 NA vane splitter Avl RFQ
280-126001-63 NA vane splitter Avl RFQ
28-18103-4 NA vent air static t/c Avl RFQ
28-180014-1 NA vent fitting fuel Avl RFQ
28-16131-1 NA walking beam swash plate (fc Avl RFQ
28-14110-3 NA washer balance Avl RFQ
28-16057-1 NA washer control cyclic Avl RFQ
28-14259-1 NA washer rod end Avl RFQ
28-16308-1 NA washer, control, t.r. pitch Avl RFQ
28-15203-7 NA washer, hub, 0.0005 tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-15203-6 NA washer, hub, 0.005 tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-14259-3 NA washer, rodend, cyclic control Avl RFQ
28-150076-17 NA washer, spindle, tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-14236-1 NA washer, thrust, m.r. hub Avl RFQ
601-6 NA washer,finishing, 6 Avl RFQ
28-15203-4 NA washer:hub, 0.002 tail rotor Avl RFQ
28-18031-1 NA weather guard tach pulley Avl RFQ
28-17007-1 NA wheel hub Avl RFQ
280-113022-13 NA window chin lt 280fx Avl RFQ
280-113022-14 NA window chin rt 280fx Avl RFQ
280-113022-16 NA window sky rt 280fx Avl RFQ
28-17154-1 NA wiper strut shock Avl RFQ

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