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Aviation parts of Eldec Corporation manufacturer are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation parts like TF58-101-01, TF58-102-01, WA13-02, WA20-01, DIN137B-A2-M5 lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying Eldec Corporation manufacturers product XFMR, 400 PROX POWER, XFMR, 400 50:1 CURNT, WASHER,RETAINER, WASHER,FLAT,CRES, WASHER, SPRING, WAVED, CRES, M5, M or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the  Eldec Corporation parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
TF58-101-01 NA xfmr, 400 prox power Avl RFQ
TF58-102-01 NA xfmr, 400 50:1 curnt Avl RFQ
WA13-02 NA washer,retainer Avl RFQ
WA20-01 NA washer,flat,cres Avl RFQ
DIN137B-A2-M5 NA washer, spring, waved, cres, m5, m Avl RFQ
VA07-02 NA valve, core Avl RFQ
VA07-01 NA valve, core Avl RFQ
5962-9560302QCX NA uckt,lin,op amp,quad, lmc6464 Avl RFQ
UC23-01G NA uckt, dig, ucontroller, 32 bit, se Avl RFQ
UM108-01N6G NA uckt, dig, mem, eeprom, 16k, selec Avl RFQ
TR151-01 NA transistor Avl RFQ
TF51-746-01 NA transformer Avl RFQ
TF50-315-01 NA transformer Avl RFQ
TE47-01 NA terminal,insulated Avl RFQ
TM113-04 NA term,insul,r/a,recep Avl RFQ
TM17-01 NA term,feed thru,insul Avl RFQ
TM93-05 NA term,binding post Avl RFQ
TM93-01 NA term,binding post Avl RFQ
KT72-01 5325-00-540-3800
stud, turnlock fastener Avl RFQ
38-66912 NA spring Avl RFQ
TR21-3 NA semicond,transistor Avl RFQ
TR21-2 NA semicond,transistor Avl RFQ
TR21-1 NA semicond,transistor Avl RFQ
TR192-01 NA semicond,transistor Avl RFQ
TH05-02 NA semicond,thyristor Avl RFQ
DI26-02A NA semicond,diode Avl RFQ
DI26-01A NA semicond,diode Avl RFQ
DI19-03 NA semicond,diode Avl RFQ
DI19-02 NA semicond,diode Avl RFQ
DI19-01 NA semicond,diode Avl RFQ
TR221-01E NA semi, trans, npn, selected tr220 0 Avl RFQ
TR205-01E NA semi, trans, npn, selected tr128 0 Avl RFQ
TR240-01E NA semi, trans, mosfet, n ch, selecte Avl RFQ
TR254-02G NA semi, trans, igbt, n ch, selected Avl RFQ
LE03-01 NA seal, connector interface, outer Avl RFQ
LE03-02 NA seal, connector interface, inner Avl RFQ
KT22-12 NA screw,pnhd,cres Avl RFQ
KT22-16 NA screw,pnh,mach, 4 40 x 1.625 Avl RFQ
MS51957-5 NA screw,pnh,cres, 2 56 x .375 l Avl RFQ
MS51957-4 NA screw,pnh,cres, 2 56 x .313 l Avl RFQ
KT65-002 NA screw,mach,pnh,cres Avl RFQ
KT96-04 NA screw,drive Avl RFQ
KT96-03 NA screw,drive Avl RFQ
KT112-01 NA screw,captive panel Avl RFQ
KT21-405 NA screw,bdg hd, cres Avl RFQ
MS51957-3 NA screw, pnh, cres, 2 56 x .250 l Avl RFQ
KT121-03 NA screw assy,captive Avl RFQ
DHE1148 NA proximity switch Avl RFQ
DHE1141 NA proximity switch Avl RFQ
TP19-01 NA pad,semicond,mtg,to5 Avl RFQ
TP5-1 NA pad,semicond mtg Avl RFQ
TP4-1 NA pad,semicond mtg Avl RFQ
TP13-01 NA pad,semicond mtg Avl RFQ
TP12-01 NA pad,semicond mtg Avl RFQ
TP1-1 NA pad,semicond mtg Avl RFQ
MS35650-3314 NA nut,hex,cres,mach, 5/16 24 Avl RFQ
MS35650-3255 NA nut,hex,brass,mach, 1/4 28 Avl RFQ
UF48-06 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
UF47-04 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-93B NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-221B NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-20 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-10 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-08B NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL11-00 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL10-74T NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
TL10-00 NA microcircuit.digital Avl RFQ
UF02-02 NA microcircuit,custom Avl RFQ
74A04-01 NA mdcu Avl RFQ
TE12-24 NA lug,crp,insuld, 22 16 wire size Avl RFQ
TE12-1 NA lug,crp,insuld, 22 16 wire size Avl RFQ
TE12-20 NA lug,crp,insuld, 12 10 wire size Avl RFQ
LB22-01 NA label,mod status Avl RFQ
LB15-01 NA label,caution Avl RFQ
KY05-01 NA key,polarization Avl RFQ
TF50-313-01 NA inductor Avl RFQ
38-368-02 NA hand held tester Avl RFQ
KT51-01 5325-01-329-0062
fastener, positive lock Avl RFQ
VA08-01 NA cap, valve Avl RFQ
KR33-01 NA adapter, soic 8 to metal can footp Avl RFQ

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