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Aviation parts of Cxx are in abundance at Buy NSN. Our extensive catalog of aviation part numbers like 6635S-66-1, 2243-40SR-103-A, 7227-40DS-1, 4327-26P-01, 6941-13R-1K lets you quickly narrow down your search to the exact parts you need. Whether you’re buying or any other of our 3 billion products, Buy NSN will provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. We are owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor and access to their extensive supply chain network gives us the ability to promise short lead times and provide comprehensive customer service. To see how Buy NSN and ASAP Semiconductor are changing the parts procurement process for good, submit an RFQ below.

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Part No RFQ
6635S-66-1 RFQ
2243-40SR-103-A RFQ
7227-40DS-1 RFQ
4327-26P-01 RFQ
6941-13R-1K RFQ
2247-40SS-101-S RFQ
7226-10DS-2 RFQ
3778R3-37P-2BT RFQ
3778R3-37S-1BT RFQ
7227-40SS-1 RFQ
722D-20V.100 RFQ
4327-10P-S2 RFQ
3778R3-37P-1BT RFQ
2628-1115-3 RFQ
8647-20-V-SL RFQ
6637-64-1F RFQ
6635S-44-1 RFQ
3477-283-T RFQ
827R-05G-5 RFQ
3778C-15S-0 RFQ
2243-05SR-102-B RFQ
2243-02SR-103-B RFQ
8022-10R RFQ
9530-06 RFQ
6635SV-66-1F RFQ
8647-16S-S1 RFQ
3778S-15P-1-3 RFQ
2243-08SS-102-B RFQ
7227-10DS-1 RFQ
6635SV-62-1F RFQ
9531-06R RFQ
2243-02SS-102-B RFQ
3778C-9S-Y RFQ
2243-14DS-202-B RFQ
3378RH-15S-1AB RFQ
3778DP-9R9R-A2T RFQ
3778S-9P-1-3 RFQ
3602-120 RFQ
7769R-04 RFQ
2243-08DS-102-B RFQ
6637-88-1R RFQ
4397-001-A RFQ
7769H-12 RFQ
6941-11S-1K RFQ
7522S-68-2 RFQ
6940-07 RFQ
4377-40S-2-K20 RFQ
2243-05SS-101-B RFQ
6635S-64-1 RFQ
6635SS-88-1F RFQ
3778S-15S-2 RFQ
3778C-9P-C0 RFQ
2243-40SS-104-A RFQ
6635SV-44-1F RFQ
3778CH-15P-0 RFQ
2243-03SS-101-B RFQ
6635L-88-R2G RFQ
3778C-25P-Y RFQ
6637-66-1F RFQ
3778-15S-1BT-SRX RFQ
3778I-15P-TBK RFQ
3778-00S-R1 RFQ
2243-08DS-101-B RFQ
6346-4F-2L RFQ
7769S-10 RFQ
3778RH-15S-1BT RFQ
8647-34R-L2 RFQ
8647-34R-L1 RFQ
9531-10R RFQ
2243-16DS-102-B52 RFQ
2243-26DS-102-B RFQ
8022-12S RFQ
6635SL-66-1 RFQ
6042-T RFQ
3778VL-25P-1A-3 RFQ
3601-121 RFQ
6637-44-1F RFQ
6355-64-ST0-G RFQ
8647-50S-S2 RFQ
6930-09 RFQ
8647-26R-L1 RFQ
CB39102V100 RFQ
8722-S1-R1 RFQ
2243-40SR-102-A RFQ
3477-203-T RFQ
7522S-32-1 RFQ
6346-5F-2 RFQ
3778VHL-15S-1T RFQ
4327-16P-S2 RFQ
6940-05 RFQ
7227-32DS-2 RFQ
8647-40S-S1 RFQ
9530-14 RFQ
76A-P2N1 RFQ
8022-11S RFQ
3778I-9S-1T RFQ
8873-04S RFQ
3778H-00P-R RFQ
7227-50DS-1 RFQ
3778C-25S-0 RFQ
6635L-64-1 RFQ
8021-02 RFQ
2334I-26-1 RFQ
6635LP-88-1P RFQ
7769H-15 RFQ
9530T-00R RFQ
74868-2S-BLG RFQ
3778I-25S-1TS RFQ
2243-40SS-102-BRX RFQ
4327-64P-1PS RFQ
7227-10SS-2 RFQ
2243-10DS-101-B RFQ
6917-244-A0 RFQ
4327-40P-02 RFQ
7769R-10 RFQ
6346-8F-2L RFQ
6577-24S-1A RFQ
8647-16S-S2 RFQ
2243-80DS-102-B RFQ
8901-06 RFQ
3778VL-15S-1T RFQ
3778VL-25P-2 RFQ
7468-2-12B RFQ
7522T-84-1 RFQ
2368-36F-M23-1 RFQ
3302-25S-100 RFQ
3275-010-1 RFQ
2243-24DS-102-B RFQ
7466-30DV.3M RFQ
2243-03SS-102-B RFQ
3736-04R-T RFQ
7227-08DS-1 RFQ
7769S-08 RFQ
3477-286-T RFQ
3477-183-T RFQ
3778R3-15P-2BT RFQ
2243-06DS-102-B RFQ
8647-40S-N1 RFQ
3778R3-25P-1T RFQ
4327-60P-01 RFQ
7769H-14 RFQ
2243-10DR-102-B RFQ
4327-20SR-1 RFQ
8647-10S-S1 RFQ
2243-12SS-102-B RFQ
2243-04DR-103-B RFQ
6346-8F-2 RFQ
7769S-15 RFQ
3778I-25S-TBK RFQ
3778I-25P-TBK RFQ
9530-04 RFQ
6941-04R-1K RFQ
3778I-9P-1T RFQ
7769H-03 RFQ
3778R3-25S-2AB RFQ
7522S-20-1 RFQ
6637-66-1R RFQ
8946-00MG RFQ
7227-10DR-1 RFQ
3477-224-T RFQ
6375-88-ST-G RFQ
6940-10 RFQ
3477-246-T RFQ
7227-16DS-1 RFQ
8722A-P1-R1 RFQ
2243-25SS-103-B RFQ
2243-01SS-102-B RFQ
7467-4R-SM1 RFQ
7227-20DS-1G RFQ
8022-14R RFQ
7226-32SS-2 RFQ
3778CH-15S-0 RFQ
7522S-44-1 RFQ
3778R3-9S-2AB RFQ
3477-406-T RFQ
6635SV-66-1 RFQ
2243-18TS-102-B RFQ
7227-26DS-1 RFQ
8647-40S-L1-RX RFQ
2243-12DS-102-B RFQ
4377-26S-1 RFQ
7227-09SS-1C RFQ
3778R3-9S-1BT RFQ
8865T-S01-TR RFQ
6637-88-1MR RFQ
2285-RJ457CBL RFQ
2243-06DS-101-B RFQ
2243-09SS-102-B RFQ
2368-50P-VA1-M2 RFQ
6637-88-1MF RFQ
3477-323-T RFQ
6635SS-88-1 RFQ
6637-62-1F RFQ
8902-12 RFQ
4377-40S-2 RFQ
7468-22-F0-1 RFQ
3778S-15S-1-3 RFQ
7769S-12 RFQ
6464-20HR-2PT RFQ
4377-34-S-1 RFQ
2243-80DR-102-B RFQ
3778VL-25S-1C-3 RFQ
3778R5-9P-1AB RFQ
3601-041 RFQ
4377-20S-1RX RFQ
7522T-68-1 RFQ
2334-98-1 RFQ
8647-34S-S1 RFQ
8647-26S-S1 RFQ
2243-02DS-102-B RFQ
6941-10R-1K RFQ
2243-14SS-102-B RFQ
7769H-04 RFQ
6940-06 RFQ
3601-040 RFQ
8647-40R-L2 RFQ
6940-11 RFQ
7522S-28-1 RFQ
7769H-08 RFQ
6930-08 RFQ
3778I-9P-1TS RFQ
2243-02SS-101-B RFQ
7627-CT50 RFQ
8022-07R RFQ
6922T-00R RFQ
8022-05S RFQ
2243-04DS-102-B RFQ
6637-88-1F RFQ
3778S-25P-1C-Y RFQ
8634D-04 RFQ
4327-40P-01 RFQ
2243-303SS-G RFQ
7769S-13 RFQ
6635L-44-1 RFQ
3778I-15S-TBK RFQ
7769S-14 RFQ
7769R-06 RFQ
7769H-09 RFQ
7769H-02 RFQ
6637-64-1R RFQ
2243-12DS-202-B RFQ
2243-22DS-101-B RFQ
3778R3-25S-2BT RFQ
9531-14S RFQ
8902-24 RFQ
6940-13 RFQ
4377-40S-1 RFQ
8022-14S RFQ
6917-243-A0 RFQ
3778S-37P-1-3 RFQ
3778-00P-L1 RFQ
6940-08 RFQ
2243-80DS-104-A RFQ
6941-04S-1K RFQ
7769R-05 RFQ
2243-12SR-303-B RFQ
7227-20SS-2 RFQ
2334-62-1 RFQ
7769R-09 RFQ
7769S-03 RFQ
7227-20DS-1 RFQ
3778VL-25S-1A-3 RFQ
3602-041 RFQ
8722-S1-R0 RFQ
3330-08-U-R RFQ
3778R3-25S-1AB RFQ
76A-77 RFQ
6930-05 RFQ
6635SV-88-1 RFQ
7227-40SR-1 RFQ
3778I-9P-2T RFQ
3778R3-15S-2BT RFQ
9531-04S RFQ
6930-07 RFQ
3778RH-15P-1AB RFQ
8647-16S-L1 RFQ
7769H-11 RFQ
3778I-9S-1TS RFQ
2243-60DS-202-B RFQ
3778CH-44P-0 RFQ
3778S-25S-1H-Y RFQ
7769S-04 RFQ
3778R3-15S-1BT RFQ
2247D-80S-102 RFQ
8901-24 RFQ
2735-2V-T RFQ
2243-40SS-102-B RFQ
3778R3-25S-1B RFQ
2243-26DS-202-B RFQ
8900T-P0-AR RFQ
6637-44-1R RFQ
7226-24DS-2 RFQ
2243-20DS-102-B RFQ
2334I-16-1 RFQ
3778C-9S-0 RFQ
7769R-12 RFQ
2243-06SS-102-B RFQ
4377-10R-1RX RFQ
3778R3-25P-2AB RFQ
4327-34P-01 RFQ
2243-40SR-T02-B RFQ
4377-40S-2-K39 RFQ
3778R3-15P-1BT RFQ
7769R-03 RFQ
3778S-9P-2C RFQ
7467-6V-1 RFQ
8021-08 RFQ
3477-143-T RFQ
3747-62S-TB-G RFQ
3778C-15S-C0 RFQ
6941-06S-1K RFQ
3477-326-T RFQ
2243-10DS-102-B RFQ
824R-05G-5B RFQ
2243-04SS-101-B RFQ
4377-50-S-1 RFQ
2243-6SS-102-B RFQ
4377-16R-1RX RFQ
2334I-20-1R RFQ
3329-10D-1R RFQ
2243-05SS-102-B RFQ
3778I-15S-1T RFQ
2243-04SS-102-B RFQ
3778I-9S-TBK RFQ
3778S-25S-1 RFQ
3778R3-15S-1AB RFQ
6917-242-A0 RFQ
262-6A-2567 RFQ
7769S-05 RFQ
3778R3-25S-1BJT RFQ
3778C-9P-0 RFQ
3778S-25P-2C-3 RFQ
7769S-11 RFQ
7522S-52-1 RFQ
3778S-25P-2 RFQ
2334H-1121-02 RFQ
3778R3-9S-1AB RFQ
6635S-62-1 RFQ
2243-22DS-202-B RFQ
7522T-32-1 RFQ
8647-10R-L1 RFQ
3778R3-25P-1B RFQ
3778S-37S-1-3 RFQ
9531-06S RFQ
3778R5-9S-1BT RFQ
3778V-9S-2C RFQ
3778C-9S-C0 RFQ
4377-40S-2-K20-RX RFQ
7769S-07 RFQ
7769R-07 RFQ
2243-20SS-102-B RFQ
3778S-25S-2 RFQ
2243-20DS-202-B RFQ
8900T-S0-AR RFQ
3778R5-25S-1AB RFQ
7227-20DR-1 RFQ
3378RH-9P-1BT RFQ
7226-20DS-2 RFQ
8870-04S RFQ
2243-10SS-101-B RFQ
4575-008 RFQ
2243-12TS-102-B RFQ
2243-02SR-102-B RFQ
8647-26S-L1 RFQ
3778S-25S-1C-Y RFQ
3778S-25P-1 RFQ
3477-283-G1 RFQ
8647-34S-L1 RFQ
3778-25S-V-TBG RFQ
2243-8DS-102-B RFQ
4327-40SR-1 RFQ
3778RH-15S-1BT7 RFQ
3778RH-62S-1BT RFQ
3778R3-25S-1BT RFQ
7769H-06 RFQ
7769S-09 RFQ
7769R-02 RFQ
7522T-52-1 RFQ
262-2B1-50 RFQ
6941-10S-1K RFQ
9531-10S RFQ
7769H-10 RFQ
9530-10 RFQ
7769T-00R RFQ
8647-40S-L1 RFQ
6922-06-3 RFQ
3778I-25P-1TS RFQ
4240-182-A RFQ
3778RH-15S-1AB RFQ
6930T-00R RFQ
3778C-37P-Y RFQ
3840-29R-V1-I RFQ
8021-09 RFQ
7769R-15 RFQ
3778R5-15S-1BT RFQ
6941-12R-1K RFQ
7769R-11 RFQ
6577-24R-1A RFQ
2243-80DS-102-BRX RFQ
2243-50DS-102-B RFQ
8722A-P1-SM1 RFQ
3778I-9SR RFQ
766-32SS-G RFQ
3778S-9P-2 RFQ
7769S-02 RFQ
7522T-44-1 RFQ
2243-14DS-102-B RFQ
7477-40-1A RFQ
8647-40R-L1-RX RFQ
2243-08DR-103-B RFQ
3778R3-25P-1AB RFQ
7322-R3P-50 RFQ
3778RH-44S-1BT RFQ
6346-4T-3B RFQ
3778-9S-432T RFQ
6941-11R-1K RFQ
8647-14S-L1 RFQ
3477-063-T RFQ
9531-14R RFQ
2243-16DS-102-B RFQ
3778-00P-R1 RFQ
8022-10S RFQ
6635S-88-1 RFQ
3778R3-9P-1BT RFQ
6930-14 RFQ
3477-243-T RFQ
3778R3-15S-2AB RFQ
8722A-S1-R1 RFQ
6635L-66-1 RFQ
4327-20P-02 RFQ
3778RH-15S-4BT RFQ
6635L-64-R2G RFQ
3778V-15P-2C RFQ
8870-04P RFQ
8722AD-P1-R1 RFQ
2243-24TS-102-B RFQ
3778C-37S-0 RFQ
8722A-S1-V1 RFQ
2243-12DS-203-B RFQ
3778R3-37S-2BT RFQ
7226-03SS-1 RFQ
2243-02DS-101-B RFQ
3778R3-15P-1B RFQ
1202-75 RFQ
3736-02R-T RFQ
2243-28DS-202-B RFQ
2243-11SS-102-B RFQ
3477-083-T RFQ
9531-04R RFQ
6941-12S-1K RFQ
7522S-68-1 RFQ
3778R3-25P-2BT RFQ
6940-14 RFQ
3778SH-15S-2C RFQ
4377-10S-1 RFQ
3778S-25P-1-3 RFQ
3736-03R-T RFQ
3778VL-25P-1C-3 RFQ
8873-04R RFQ
6930-04 RFQ
3477-163-T RFQ
8647-10S-L1 RFQ
6930-06 RFQ
8022-02S RFQ
6346-4F-2 RFQ
3329-16D-1R RFQ
.3778R3-9P-1AB RFQ
8021-12 RFQ
76A-55 RFQ
3778VL-25S-2 RFQ
7468-22-D1-3 RFQ
3778DP-3S3P-12-BT RFQ
6635SV-64-1F RFQ
3275-010 RFQ
3778C-25P-0 RFQ
7769R-13 RFQ
2243-03SR-102-A RFQ
.3778S-50S-1-Y RFQ
6930-10 RFQ
3778I-15P-1T RFQ
3778I-9P-1-7 RFQ
7769S-06 RFQ
3778S-9S-1-3 RFQ
7769H-07 RFQ
2243-16DS-202-B RFQ
2243-34DS-102-B RFQ
6957-08S-0 RFQ
2243-10DS-104-A RFQ
2247S-40S-102 RFQ
7769R-08 RFQ

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